C.Bechstein 124 Elegance Upright Piano



Upright piano by C.Bechstein model 124 Elegance finished in Black Polyester from the C. Bechstein Residence range.

This is a beautiful piano that combines the traditional Bechstein sound with a responsive and precise modern action in an elegant casework with subtle curves.

This piano should be on the shortlist of anyone seeking an upright of the highest quality.

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£ 20,990.00

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Why C.Bechstein Residence 124? 

The C. Bechstein Residence 124 models are ever-popular here at Forsyth. They have such a beautiful sonorous bass and a brilliant, sparkling treble. The touch is very precise and extremely responsive.  Acoustically the Classic and Elegance are identical - it is the subtle styling of the casework which differs between models. The Elegance has softer lines with the cheeks and legs ending with subtle curves. You can view the C. Bechstein 124 Classic here.

The residence range instruments are carefully hand crafted and take around 8 months to build.

All C.Bechstein pianos are guaranteed for 5 years.


Height - 124cm

Width  - 152cm

Depth -  62cm

Delivery charges may apply depending on degree of difficulty and location. However, ground floor delivery is typically included provided access is straightforward - enquire now for details.

Although we ordinarily stock these pianos we do like to sell them, so please do call ahead to check stock levels with one of our friendly piano department staff before making a special trip.

We usually have in stock over 40 new grand pianos, over 70 new upright pianos and an ever-changing supply of pre-owned acoustic pianos; we are definitely worth a visit!

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