Kawai Anytime Aures silent system

Aures Kawai


Brand new silent piano system by Kawai, known as ATX-3. 

Featuring a user-friendly LED screen, this system is so easy to use! 

Available on all of Kawai's upright pianos

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The silent side of this piano is ideal for families with young children or night owls looking to practice late into the night.

The most common question regarding the silent piano is "is this a digital piano?".

Our range of silent pianos are all completely acoustic instruments; meaning that hammers are still striking strings to produce a sound and therefore have the benefit of playing a real acoustic piano, however, they also have a digital component that simply allows players the option to switch to a digital sound for "silent playing" via headphones.

The brand new Aures technology is a soundboard amplification system which utilises 4 high-performance transducers to generate a powerful tone through the solid spruce soundboard. As a result, the tone produced has very full, rich and natural sound in comparison to that produced by speakers. You will have the ability to control the volume without having to use headphones! 

The main features of the new ATX3 system are:

  • The ability to control the volume without having to use headphones!

  • Integrated Hammer sensing system (IHSS) - There are optical sensors on the hammers which accurately capture the movements to give a realistic and highly responsive sound when in silent form. 

  • 5" LCD Colour Touch screen - Embedded into the left-hand side of the keyboard, this screen is extremely user friendly and very straight forward to operate. 

  • Display Brightness and energy-saving mode

  • In Pianist mode: Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand rendering
    88 key multi-channel piano sampling 
    88 key resonance modelling 
    256 note maximum polyphony
    11 piano sounds available, including the SK-EX concert grand piano
    Virtual technician with 9 parameters. This allows you to create your own unique piano sound
    Reverb - 10 ambience settings

  • In Sound mode: Harmonic imaging XL
    88 key stereo sampling,
    256 note maximum polyphony
    Virtual technician with 19 parameters and 10 presets in smart mode
    88 different sounds available such as choir, strings, harpsichord, percussion, bass guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars and many more!
    Reverb - 6 reverb settings

  • Basic functions: Dual, split, four hands, transposing, tuning (sound mode only), damper hold (sound mode only), tone control, line in level, SHS mode, phones type, phones volume, LCD contrast, Factory reset

  • 14 Lesson songs, 39 demo songs and 42 piano songs 

  • Bluetooth

  • 2 x headphone ports

  • MIDI IN/Out


  • USB Audio recording

  • Line In recording

  • Internal recording with overdubbing available - approximately 10 minutes per song in pianist mode

  • Adjustable volume

  • Integrated metronome

Each Kawai ATX-3 silent upright piano is even supplied with a pair of good quality Kawai stereo headphones!

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