Danemann 6ft 7 Grand Piano in Mahogany Polish (pre-owned)



A British-made, pre-owned 6ft 7 grand piano by Danemann finished in a polished mahogany casing.

Built in 1963, this piano lives up to its reputation as being a high-quality, long-lasting instrument.

Although the casework has faded somewhat, the piano has a beautifully rich yet intimate sound.

This piano is also available for long-term rental scheme at a rate of £105.00 per four-week period.

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£ 4,500.00

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Similar to the Knight pianos, these became famous as the ubiquitous school piano in the 1960's and 1970's. Their reputation as a reliable workhorse, which gave excellent tuning stability and dependability, continued with the teachers who taught on them in the schools who bought them as private domestic instruments, further enhancing their reputation.

This piano has been meticulously serviced in our workshop over several days, which includes:

  • A thorough clean out of the action, soundboard, keys, and cleaning of the strings
  • Replacement of worn felts in the piano action and keys - This improves the touch dramatically and ensures the smooth working of the mechanics
  • Re-centering throughout the action - Again this ensures the smooth working of the mechanics and minimise further wear
  • Refacing of the hammers and voicing
  • Regulation of the piano action - This is to ensure that all the mechanics are correctly set up and all parts are working as they should be, minimising wear. 
  • Brasswork cleaned up - to include the castors


Length - 206 cm

Height - 101 cm

Width - 153 cm

Unsure if this grand piano will fit? Ask us to make a paper template so that you can try!

This piano is available to try in our workshop, with many other instruments to compare.
We usually have in stock over 40 new grand pianos, over 70 new upright pianos and an ever-changing supply of pre-owned acoustic pianos; we are definitely worth a visit!

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