Piano Dehumidifier Bar by Dampp-Chaser
  • Piano Dehumidifier Bar by Dampp-Chaser

Piano Dehumidifier Bar by Dampp-Chaser

The piano dehumidifier bar is a simple but effective way of reducing excess humidity in the environment within an upright piano.

If you suffer from excess humidity in your home this could have a detrimental effect on your instrument. 

By using this bar, you can effectively create a micro-climate inside your upright piano.

Size: Standard

This is a very easy to fit bar, suitable for self installation. If you are uncertain though, depending on where you live, we can send a tuner/technician to come and fit the bar for a call out fee. 

It is very important to monitor the conditions near your piano using a digital hygrometer so that you know whwther you require a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Problems can occur at both extremes of humidity both too dry (i.e. less than 40% RH) or too high (i.e. higher than 70% RH). This device is designed to be controlled via the user. You will need to turn it off and on yourself dependent on your relative humidity readings. You may prefer the heater bars with a built in humidistat control system which will turn on and off depending on the relative humidity within the piano. It will look to maintain at 45% humidity. 

Also continually fluctuating conditions can cause problems with tuning stability and cause the pianos action to go out of regulation. If you have problems with fluctuations in relative humidity and/or temperature you may also like to consider a full automatic Dampp Chaser Climate Control system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further advice on how to look after your piano. You can reach us on 0161 834 3281 ext 5