Piano Life Saver Climate Control System by Dampp-Chaser


A humidstat controled, all-in-one, Piano Life Saver system to combat fluncutations in relative humidity to protect your piano. 

Includes an automatically controlled dehumidifier to eliminate excess humidity above 45% and a humidifier to increase humidity if under 45%.

For further information on relative humidity, please read our blog here. 

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£ 500.00

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For an upright - This will protect the piano for those whose environments are constantly changing. When the humidity reads above 45% the low emission heater bars will kick in to eliminate excess humidity. If the relative humidity reads below 45% this will turn on the humidifier system which introduces moisture into the air to protect the piano.

These are available for both upright and grand pianos Starting from £388 for an upright and £422 for grand pianos up to 5ft and £494 for grand up to 6ft.

For larger grands you may need an additional heater bar at the back of the piano. Again these are provided with some very easy instructions for self installation, however we are able to come and fit these if required at an extra cost, depending on location. 

Comes complete with an LED panel which indicate when to add more water or to replace the pads. 

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