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Piano humidifier tube

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The piano humidifier tube is a simple but effective way of adding humidity to the environment within a piano. In many homes with central heating the relative humidity can drop to levels that can cause structural problems with pianos (i.e. below 40%RH). By using this tube which is manually soaked in water then placed in the piano you can effectively create a micro-climate in the piano.

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This tried and tested method of raising the humidity in a piano is very simple to administer. It is particularly effective in an upright. It is important, however to monitor the conditions in the piano using a digital hygrometer so that you know when to use the humidifier. Problems can occur at both extremes of humidity both too dry (i.e. less than 40% RH) or too high (i.e. higher than 70% RH). Also continually fluctuating conditions can cause problems with tuning stability and cause the pianos action to go out of regulation.

If you have problems with fluctuations in relative humidity and/or temperature you may also like to consider a Dampp Chaser system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to talk through the best way to look after your piano.

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