Pedal Extender for Piano by Hidrau



This piano pedal extender by Hidrau is the perfect accesory to help young pianists to reach their full potential.

It is suitable for children aged up to around 10 years old who have difficulty reaching the pedals when seated at the correct height.  The Hidrau pedal extender helps pianists play with the correct posture from an early age and is an ideal accesory for families and teachers alike.

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This pedal extension tool is designed to enable children aged up to around 10 years old , to use the sustain and soft pedals whilst sat in the correct posture.  It helps prevent young pianists from developing the wrong posture whilst sat at the piano.

This is ideal equipment for piano teachers who have younger pupils.

The pedal extender pedals are a replication of the shape of 'standard' piano pedals and therefore help young pianists develop a good pedalling technique.

The pedal extender has a sturdy metal construction in a black finish with a black velvet finish for the 'floor' of the device for the player's feet to rest on.

We have an example on display to try in our showrooms.

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