Digital Hygrometer
  • Digital Hygrometer

Digital Hygrometer

Catalogue No: digitalhygrometer

This digital hygrometer incorporates an accurate thermo hygrometer that indicates both relative humidity and air temperature. It also has a max/min function.


It is important to ensure acoustic pianos are maintained in favourable conditions to help maintain tuning stability and prevent the action mechanism from 'going out of regulation' due to the swelling or contracting of the natural materials in the action. A digital hygrometer helps to monitor the conditions the piano is in over time as it records both the maximum and minimum in the period between resets - therefore enabling a picture of the changing conditions to be drawn up. This is a vital tool to help troubleshoot problems you may be having with your piano. If you need any advice on how best to look after your piano please do not hesitate to contact us in our Tuning, Servicing and Repair Department. We serve customers in approximately a 50 mile radius of Manchester.