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Grand piano by Yamaha model GC1 in black polyester with Yamaha's Transacoustic technology.

The Transacoustic aspects opens up a whole additional dimension for use and playing by allowing the player to use the piano silently, with headphones, and 'out loud' with volume control. 

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A fantastic development by Yamaha and certainly a must see in our piano showroom.

This is a good quality Japanese made instrument which is 161cm in length and 149cm across the keyboard.

1) This is a silent piano using the superior Yamaha SH silent system which incorporates binaural sampling of a Yamaha concert grand. This gives it an uncannily realistic sound whilst playing through headphones in silent mode. To activate the silent mode there is a "Quiet" button on the front of the system.

2) There is an array of transducers that are transmitting the digital sound directly to the soundboard, therefore enabling the soundboard to be used as a speaker. There are 16 different voices available plus three different dual modes. This mode also has a volume control so you can play 'out loud' much quieter than if you were playing the piano acoustically. To activate this, you simply unplug your headphones!

3) You can 'layer' the acoustic piano with the digital sounds to create some interesting effects and play along to the 50 preset songs that come with the Transacoustic system. You can also play along to your favourite songs via USB both 'out loud' and via headphones; very handy when you don't want your family knowing how much you love the "Frozen" soundtrack!!

4) There is a transpose and tuning function for the digital sounds so if you need to change the pitch of a piece (e.g. you are accompanying a singer whose range is different to the arrangement you are playing) or slightly adjust the tuning (e.g. you are playing with a fixed pitch instrument (e.g. clarinet/oboe) which isn't quite at the same pitch as your piano.

5) There is an inbuilt record and playback function which is helpful with practice. Nothing more revealing than listening to yourself playing! All of this is easily achieved via the control box under the piano.

6) The piano has Audio, Midi and USB connectivity which enables the piano to integrate with a computer for recording/playback.


Length: 161cm

Width: 149cm

Height - 101 cm

Weight: 290Kg

Unsure if this grand piano will fit?  Ask us to make a paper template so that you can try!

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This piano is available to try in our showroom with many other pre-owned and new instruments to compare. 

We usually have in stock over 40 new grand pianos, over 70 new upright pianos and an ever-changing supply of around 40 pre-owned acoustic pianos;

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Other grand pianos available with silent system to compare with in our showroom at Forsyth


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