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SOLD - Schimmel Konzert K169T Grand Piano (Pre-Owned)



A pre-owned Schimmel Konzert K169T grand piano finished in black polyester dating from 2005.

This instrument is now sold.

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£ 22,990.00

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The Schimmel Konzert range consists of the very finest of Schimmel instruments. These instruments were clean sheet designs that started to first appear from the year 2000. They were the result of over 20 years of in depth research and development both into what pianists really wanted and developing Schimmel's Computer Aided Piano Engineering (CAPE) software. Every aspect was considered, such as the touch, dynamics, sound colour, length of tone, clarity, long life of the instrument etc, etc.

By 2000 Schimmel were ready to release the new models based on the 213. This was a new concept where the perfect 7ft grand piano was replicated as much as possible in smaller instruments. They used the exact same action and same scale design (except for where length necessitated a change) for the smaller models, the 169T and 189T therefore creating their first trilogy of grands (at this point they hadn't come up with the name Konzert series). These pianos first introduced the "enlarged soundboard" with the wider angle.

By 2008 the second trilogy of Konzert grands were officially released with the new concept of the perfect 9ft concert grand piano, the K280T. Like the first trilogy they used the same action and as much of the scale design as possible for the smaller K256T and the K230T. So by 2008 there were now 6 grands in the newly named Konzert series; the K169T, K189T, K213t, K230T, K256T and the K280T. This particular piano is the smallest of the range.

Main Features:

  • Wider tail allows a larger soundboard area and longer bass strings, resulting in a greater depth of sound than more conventional 6 foot grands
  • Made in Germany using only German parts, by Schimmel's top master piano builders
  • Uses exactly the same action as the larger K213T model, giving the player increased control


Length - 169 cm

Height - 102 cm

Width - 154 cm

Weight - 314 kg

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