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Yamaha P-45 Portable Digital Piano



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- An excellent entry level digital stage piano to get you or a loved one started on your piano playing journey!
- Ideal for beginners who don't want to commit to that large purchase just yet
- Excellent for travelling musicians or people who are a little bit short on space 

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What We Say:

The Yamaha P-45 is an excellent entry level digital stage piano. Its keys are nicely weighted and the inbuilt amp and speaker does justice to the Yamaha piano sample contained inside. We’d particularly recommend this piano for beginners and younger players. The P-45 manages to keep it's price point lower than it's superior model the P-125 by having a lower polyphony. This is something that the more experienced pianists amoungst you may notice but for slightly less demanding pieces, the difference in polyphony is much less significant. Therefore, it is an excellent instrument if you would like to get that fabulous Yamaha sound for a lower price point.

What They Say:

The P-45 features a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard. The feel of the keyboard gradually changes according to the register, so that it feels heavier when playing bass parts and lighter when playing treble parts, just like an acoustic piano. The keyboard has a responsive, natural feel together with matte finish black keys for a truly authentic piano playing experience.
The P-45 improves upon the traditional AWM synthesis system to deliver stunningly real piano sounds. AWM is a technology that uses digital recordings of original instruments and allows you to experience a realistic grand piano sound wherever you are.
Slim and stylish with a depth of less than 30 cm, the P-45 requires very little space and, at only 11.5 kg, it can be easily moved anywhere in your home or used for performance outside.
Many of the settings on the P-45 can be changed with a single button. Simply hold down the "GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION" button and press selected keys to change voices, play demo sources, configure the metronome, and so on.


  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard
  • AWM Stereo Sampling
  • 10 voices
  • 64 note polyphony (maximum)
  • Reverb and Chorus/Effect
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control
  • Integrated library with 10 demo songs and 10 piano songs 
  • USB-to-host connectivity

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