Kawai Novus NV-5 Hybrid Digital Piano



- The perfect piano for an experience pianist who wants a digital but doesn't want to compromise on feel
- Ideal for professional players who need to rehearse late but don't want to disrupte the neighbours
- An excellent instrument for everyone from a beginner to a concert pianist

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What We Say:

The Novus NV-5 is the perfect solution to most piano playing problems. The acoustic upright piano action inside allows you to have the same experience of playing as a Kawai acoustic piano whilst also having the practical benefits of a digital piano in terms of low maintenance and practicing with headphones. From someone who is doing lots of last minute practice for their Grade 8 to someone just starting to learn their scales, this piano is an excellent choice.

The combinaton of Kawai's very sophisticated sampling method and also the soundboard speaker system means that this piano really does resonate like an acoustic. It even has settings to create that same sound just for you when wearing headphones.

The touch screen interface allows you to have all the fun of a digital as well from recording your latest track to exploring with different instrument sounds and environments. The NV-5 is truly the one for you if you really want an acoustic but can't for practical reasons and with the added bonus of the contemporary aesthetics, it really is a win win. 

What They Say: 

The newest piano action from Kawai (present in their flagship model, the K-800) the Millennium III Hybrid upright piano action, really creates the acoustic feel in the NV-5. This, combined with the SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine and the TwinDrive soundboard speaker system, creates an incredibly authentic acoustic experience with all the bonuses of a contemporary, digital instrument. 

The responsiveness of this incredible hybrid action allows the player to accurately and expressively communicate subtleties without compromising any component that goes into creating a perfect performance or practice. It achieves this using a combination of ABS Carbon parts (stronger and less temperamental than their wooden predecessors) and an extended key stick length for greater control and response.

The only variation on the acoustic version of this action is the lack of strings. Instead of hitting a string, the hammer hits an optical sensor to trigger the sample. The contactless nature of this means the amazing feel of the Millennium III Hybrid is not interfered with.

The NV-5 also features Kawai’s flagship speaker system: The TwinDrive soundboard speaker system. The undeniably realistic sound of the NV-5 is created by transducer units attached to the carefully crafted soundboard. The primary transducer and secondary transducer emit the low, low-mid and mid range frequencies. The mid to high frequencies are emitted by the premium quality speaker units designed by the global electronics manufacturers ONKYO.

The sound engine in the NV-5, also designed by ONKYO, features 1-bit DSD processing, premium dual DACs, DIDRC filtering, powerful amplifiers and a premium headphone amp. The entire system is the most top quality sound equipment and results in Kawai’s Novus NV-5 being one of the most realistic sounding digital pianos out there.

This instrument is ideal for people of all abilities from beginner to concert pianist. Its over-whelmingly authentic features convince you that you’re playing an acoustic upright whilst also offering all the attractions of a digital piano.


  • Action - Millennium III Hybrid upright piano action with 88-key graded ABS hammers and damper mechanism
  • Key Surface - Acrylic/Phenol


  • Key Lid - Yes, Softfall
  • Pedals - Real mechanical pedals; Damper (with half-pedal support), Soft, Sostenuto; Grand Feel Pedal System with mechanical affecting of the key action


  • Height in cm - 110
  • Width in cm - 149
  • Depth in cm - 46
  • Weight in kg - 113


  • Finishes - Black Polish


  • Sensors - Integrated Hammer Sensing System (IHSS), contact-less optical sensors
  • Velocity Curves - Light+, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy+, Off (Constant), User

Sound Source

  • Sound Source - Pianist mode: SK-EX Rendering: 88-key multi-channel piano sampling, 88-key resonance modelling Sound mode: Harmonic Imaging XL: 88-key piano sampling
  • Sounds - Pianist mode: SK-EX Concert Grand, 10 rendering characters Sound mode: 88 sounds
  • Polyphony - max. 256 notes (depending on selected sound)
  • Virtual Technician - Pianist mode: Touch Curve (incl. User), Voicing (incl. User), Damper Noise, Fall-back Noise, Hammer Delay, Minimum Touch, Key Volume (incl. User), Half-Pedal Adjust, Soft Pedal Depth Sound mode: Touch Curve (incl. User), Voicing (incl. User), Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, String Resonance, Undamped String Resonance, Cabinet Resonance, Key-off Effect, Fall-back Noise, Hammer Delay, Topboard Simulation, Decay Time, Minimum Touch, Stretch Tuning (incl. User), Temperament (incl. User), Temperament Key, Key Volume (incl. User), Half-Pedal Adjust, Soft Pedal Depth 
  • Keyboard Modes - Dual, Split, 4Hands (Volume/Balance adjustable) 
  • Reverb - Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral 
  • Effects - Pianist mode: Resonance Depth (10 types), Ambience (10 types) Sound mode: Reverb (6 types), Effects (24 types), (Chorus x 3, Delay x 3, Tremolo x 3, Auto pan x 2, Phaser x 2, Rotary x 6, Combination x 5)
  • Tuning - Equal (Piano Only), Pure (Major), Pure (Minor), Pythagorean, Meantone, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Equal (Flat), Equal (Stretch), USER

Music and Recording

  • Metronome/Beats - 10 Beats + 100 Rhythms, Tempo and Volume adjustable
  • Recorder - Pianist Mode: 30 Minutes Audio (WAV+MP3), 3 Songs Sound Mode: USB Memory: MP3/WAV Recording and Playback, A-B Loop; Internal: MIDI 10 Songs, 2 Tracks – max. 90,000 Notes
  • Lesson Function - 542 Songs in total. Songs from Czerny, Burgmüller, Beyer, Bach, Chopin and Hanon (incl. printed score books); Songs from Alfred without score books. Additional Finger practizes with 4 scales (mayor, n.minor, h.minor, m.minor), 2 Arpeggio-, 2 Cadence- and 2 Chord- trainings in all root notes with score function
  • Piano Music Songs - 29
  • Concert Magic Songs - 176
  • Demo Songs - 39


  • Display - 5” LCD touchscreen
  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth (Ver. 4.0; GATT compatible) Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant, Bluetooth Audio
  • Registrations - Yes, 16 Favorite Memories
  • USB Functions - Playback: MP3, WAV, SMF ; Recording: MP3, WAV ; Functions: Audio Overdub, Convert Song to Audio, Internal Songs load, Internal Songs save, SMF Song save, File delete, USB format
  • Other Features - Key Transpose, Song Transpose, Tone Control (incl. User EQ), Wall EQ, Speaker Volume, Headphone Volume , Line In, Line Out Volume, Audio Recorder Gain, Tuning, Damper Hold, LCD Contrast, User Memory, Reset, Lower Octave Shift, Lower Pedal On/Off , Split Balance, Layer Octave Shift, Layer Dynamics, Dual Balance, MIDI Kanal, Send PGM#, Local Control, Transmit PGM#, Multi Timbral Modus, Channel Mute, Auto Power Off

Sound System

  • Sound System - TwinDrive Soundboard Speaker System, 8 cm x 4 (Onkyo top speakers), 2 cm x 2 (Onkyo dome tweeters)
  • Amplifier - 135 W (45 W x 3)
  • Power Consumption - 60 W


  • Jacks - LINE IN (1/8” STEREO), LINE IN Level, LINE OUT (1/8” STEREO), Headphones x 2 (1/4”, 1/8”), MIDI (IN/OUT), USB to Host, USB to Device

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