Kawai CA99 Digital Piano


Brand New from Kawai for 2020! 

The Kawai CA99 has a new casework design more akin to an acoustic upright piano and incorporates many upgraded features of the already superb CA98. Available in black satin or rosewood.

Also available in Polished Ebony for £3,799

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£ 3,390.00

-£ 376.00

£ 3,766.00

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Kawai Japan is delighted to announce the CA99, the latest high-performance addition to the popular Concert Artist series of premium digital pianos, and successor to the highly regarded CA98.

This updated model incorporates the new Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action, delivering a firmer, faster, and even more grand piano-like touch feeling, while the improved SK-EX Rendering multi-channel sound engine features enhanced acoustic piano samples, with new Virtual Technician parameters to precisely control the attack, release, and sustain characteristics of each piano.  The CA99 retain the high fidelity audio processing, powerful amplification, and rich speaker delivery of its predecessor, while also introducing new speaker diffuser panels.  These specially developed components expand the pianos’ tonal projection in all directions, creating a 360° sound field that allows the instrument to sound natural for listeners everywhere in the room.


  • Grand Feel III action
  • Let-off simulation
  • Triple sensor key detection
  • Grand Feel Pedal System
  •  SK-EX Rendering
     - 88-key multi-channel sampling
     - SK-EX recording
  •  Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL)
     - 88-key stereo sampling
     - SK-EX, SK-5, EX recording
  • SK-EX Rendering: Resonance Modelling
     - Damper Resonance
     - String Resonance
     - Undamped String Resonance
     - Aliquot Resonance
  • Harmonic Imaging XL: Acoustic Rendering
     - Damper Resonance
     - String Resonance
     - Undamped String Resonance
     - Cabinet Resonance
  • Virtual Technician (21 parameters)
     - Touch Curve
     - Voicing
     - Damper Resonance
     - Damper Noise
     - String Resonance
     - Undamped String Resonance
     - Cabinet Resonance
     - Key-off Effect
     - Fall-back Noise
     - Hammer Noise
     - Hammer Delay
     - Topboard Simulation
     - Decay Time
     - Release Time
     - Minimum Touch
     - Stretch Tuning
     - Temperament
     - Temperament Key
     - Key Volume
     - Half-Pedal Adjust
     - Soft Pedal Depth
  • TwinDrive Soundboard Speaker System
    8 cm x 4 (Onkyo top speakers, with diffuser)
    2 cm x 2 (Onkyo dome tweeters)
  • Output Power: 135 W (45 W x 3)
  • 5" LCD touchscreen display (480 x 800 pixels)
  • Dimensions
     - Width: 144.5 cm (57")
     - Depth: 47.0 cm (18 1/2")
     - Heigth: 101 cm (39 2/3")
  • Weight: 83 kg (183 1/3 lbs.)
     - Weight in Polished Ebony: 89 kg (196 lbs.)
  • Bluetooth (Ver. 4.1; GATT compatible)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant
  • Bluetooth Audio with aptX support
  • 55W Power Consumption 

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