Casio GP500 Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano



The GP-500 is the revolutionary new model from CASIO.  Created in collaboration with C.Bechstein they have created a digital piano capable of reproducing the most subtle nuances of the world’s most respected acoustic pianos. All this is possible due to the Bechstein designed wooden key action.

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Forsyth Review

Now we have had a proper chance to become fully aquainted with these great new instruments we have to admit we have fallen a little bit in love with them.  Firstly the action with its full wooden key and hammer mechanism feels really good and positive and is well worth comparing with our other favorite mechanism the Kawai Grand Feel II in the CA97.  Cleverly the Casio Bechstein action  acurately reflects the geometry within a grand piano action whilst at the same time simplyfying it so that there is never any need for regulation.  To top this off, when the lid is open, you can see through little windows the movement of the dummy hammers.  Although they perform no technical function they really do help you feel more clossely connected to the instrument when you are playing it.

Beyond the action Casio, as a maker of only digital pianos, has the freedom to sample the worlds most famous real Concert pianos.  They have called them "Hamburg", "Vienna" & "Berlin" which happen to be the home towns of Steinway, Bosendorfer and Bechstein - a coincidence?... we don't think so.  These samples are demonstrated below in the embedded videos.

Naturally you can not experience the feel of the action nor the responsiveness of the instrument never mind have an accurate representation of the sound quality through your computer at home.  For this reason it is essential to visit Forsyth to come in to try them all.  At the end of the day you should buy the instrument that you feel most comfortable with and only at Forsyth can you try these top of the range Casio instruments against their main competitors from Kawai, Roland and Yamaha.


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