Second Hand Pianos

Second Hand Pianos at Forsyths Music Shop, Manchester

Our second hand pianos are carefully selected and prepared to the highest standards. We are particular about the pianos we buy in and our technicians thoroughly assess and service each and every instrument in our on-site workshop to ensure they offer the best possible musical value.

The Cheap...

Second Hand Pianos at Forsyths Music Shop, Manchester

Our second hand pianos are carefully selected and prepared to the highest standards. We are particular about the pianos we buy in and our technicians thoroughly assess and service each and every instrument in our on-site workshop to ensure they offer the best possible musical value.

The Cheapest Piano Isn't Always the Best Value

Rather than offering the very cheapest models, we prefer to sell you a piano that we have confidence in. This gives you the best value for money as many "bargain" pianos do not work properly and you will quickly end up changing the instrument or putting yourself off playing altogether! A well chosen piano may become a valued companion for life. We do also have a constantly changing stock of part-exchange clearance pianos if you are looking for something affordable to get you going.  We can't keep our website up to date with all the new instruments to please do call to discuss on 0161 834 3281 ext 604

What kind of Second Hand Pianos does Forsyth Stock?

We always have a selection of second hand Yamaha pianos, some are imported from the far east after they are no longer wanted or we have young instruments we have part exchanged that often we sold ourselves originally.  We often have a strong range of pre-owned British pianos in stock and particularly favour pianos by Kemble, Knight and Danemann for their musical qualities. Quality German pianos by brands such as Schimmel, Steinway, Bluthner, and Bechstein also feature frequently but tend to sell very quickly due to their relative rarity on the second hand market. Our 160+ years as a piano specialist means that very often we sold these instruments originally and we have experience of dealing with a vast range of makes and models.

Finding the Right Piano for You

If you are looking for a particular make or model of piano that you don't see here, please let us know it is possible we haven't had a chance to list it yet or otherwise we will be happy to keep an eye open for you. Conversely, should you have a piano that you wish to sell do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


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  • £ 38,000.00

    A beautiful example of German-made, Steinway model A finished in Rosewood French polish with elephant legs. This is a German Steinway, made in Hamburg in 1898.

    £ 38,000.00
  • £ 26,900.00

    A pre-owned Schimmel 213T grand piano finished in black polyester dating from 1998. This instrument possesses a fine tonal palette owing to its size and build quality. It is a classic example of a 7ft Schimmel grand piano with fantastically sonorous bass and with a bell like treble. It has recently had a new set of Renner Schimmel specification hammers...

    £ 26,900.00
  • £ 31,999.00

    This beautiful instrument by C Bechstein is currently in the process of being rebuilt and is due to be complete in 2022 (pictures are of a similar instrument that was previously restored)

    £ 31,999.00
  • £ 24,990.00

    A pre-owned Steinway model V upright piano finished in black polyester This instrument has had one owner since it was first manufactured in 2009 who later upgraded to a Bösendorfer 130P upright piano.  This piano is now sold.

    £ 24,990.00
  • This piano is now sold but if you would like a similar instrument please get in contact. Fully re-built antique grand piano by Schiedmayer in rosewood polish. Including new wrest plank, new strings, new hammers and fully rebuilt action, recrowned soundboard and repolished case work. This piano has been expertly restored and then setup by our in-house...

  • £ 14,500.00

    This fully German built Schimmel grand piano is in good condition after extensive servicing and refurbishment in our own workshops. The casework is an appealing walnut satin with 3 height prop stick.

    £ 14,500.00
  • £ 13,995.00

    A young, pre-owned, Boston 156 grand piano, designed by Steinway dating from 2008.  This piano is Boston's smallest grand at 5' 2", perfect for those short on space! It is a very clean, beautiful example of this model and is lovely to play.  Currently in our workshop undergoing a full service. 

    £ 13,995.00
  • £ 6,990.00

    An exquisite example of a 1980's Schimmel upright piano, in a 'flame mahogany' finish.  This model produces a powerful sound for such a compact size. It has a rich, yet the clear tone and is definitely worth trying out if you're looking for an affordable high-quality upright piano.

    £ 6,990.00
  • £ 6,990.00

    A pre-owned baby grand piano by Yamaha finished in black polyester, made in 2003.  This piano is now sold. Please enquire about newly arrived pre-owned stock not yet on our website.

    £ 6,990.00
  • £ 6,500.00

    IN STOCK A purpose-designed compact Schimmel Studio upright piano model C112 made in 2004. Schimmel is a German manufacturer of top quality instruments and has been making pianos since 1885. We have supplied many of this model to music services, schools, churches, theatres etc over the years as they are the BEST purpose-made pianos with many unique features.

    £ 6,500.00
  • £ 5,500.00

    A lovely pre-owned Ibach grand piano made in 1936, Germany. Originally sold at Harrods! This piano is finished in walnut polish and has been reconditioned in our workshop by our in-house technicians.  This is the perfect piano for any player who appreciates the work of well-established piano makers, as well as a fine piece of furniture with history. 

    £ 5,500.00
  • £ 5,500.00

    IN STOCK A pre-owned Wilcox and Beckingham grand piano finished in black polyester. Made in 2008, this sweet-sounding baby grand is ideal for beginner/intermediate players and is perfect for the home thanks to its compact size and modern aesthetic. This piano has undergone servicing in our workshop such as regulation, voicing, re-centring and tuning. 

    £ 5,500.00
  • £ 4,990.00

    A pre-owned grand piano by Hamlyn Klein model CJS142 finished in high gloss walnut polyester.  This piano was made in 2011 and has had light use by one careful owner.  At 142cm in length, this piano is a more compact grand piano suitable for smaller rooms with a good sound for its size. It has been fully serviced and voiced in our workshop by our own...

    £ 4,990.00
  • £ 4,900.00

    This piano is now sold This popular upright piano model U3 in black polyester has been fully reconditioned by Yamaha. It has had one careful owner since reconditioning and we are thoroughly servicing it in our own workshops. This piano dates from 1975 and is suitable for intermediate or beginner level players. It also benefits from a practice pedal...

    £ 4,900.00
  • £ 4,500.00

    A tradition Upright Fridolin Schimmel Model F121T in walnut polyester. Due to personal circumstances, the previous owners had to sell after only a short time. Therefore, this piano is like-new. This instrument is a fantastic entry-level piano that rivals the Yamaha B3 and Kawai K300. This piano is now available! Please contact us for information on other...

    £ 4,500.00
  • £ 2,999.00

    A small grand piano in mahogany satin, made by German piano-makers Gors & Kallmann.

    £ 2,999.00
  • £ 2,900.00

    IN STOCK A pre-owned upright piano made by Kemble, in a walnut satin finish.  This piano was made in England in 1997 and has a clear, bright tone.  Since arriving from it's previous owner, the CB10 has been fully regulated, voiced, tuned and cleaned by our in-house technicians. 

    £ 2,900.00
  • £ 2,400.00

    A quality English-made upright piano, suitable for any player looking for a more compact model. 

    £ 2,400.00
  • £ 2,200.00

    Pre-owned Chappell upright finished in a mahogany satin casework, circa 1984. Only 135cm in width whilst maintaining the full 88 keys which makes it perfect for smaller rooms or tight-fit spaces. This piano is ready for viewing in our 1st floor showroom. This piano is available for long-term rental at £16.00 per week.

    £ 2,200.00
  • £ 1,800.00

    SOLD - please contact us if you are looking for a similar instrument. A pre-owned upright piano by Opus model 108 finished in mahogany polyester, modern style casing. Opus is Forsyth's own brand made by the well-respected maker Young Chang and is a compact piano in excellent playing condition dating from 1991. Long term rental or purchase via our rent to...

    £ 1,800.00
  • £ 1,800.00

    A pre-owned upright piano by Ullman finished in a mahogany polish  If you are interested in having a look at this piano, give our piano department a call on 0161 519 1996 and you can compare this to other pianos in our showroom

    £ 1,800.00
  • £ 1,190.00

    A pre-owned upright piano, by Kemmler, finished in mahogany polyester, modern style, casework.  Dating from the 1970s this piano has a brighter tone and a slightly heavier touch.

    £ 1,190.00
  • £ 900.00

    A pre-owned Rogers upright piano finished in a mahogany polish finish, originally manufactured in 1968, London. This instrument is well suited for beginner to intermediate pianists alike.  This piano is currently on long term rental

    £ 900.00
  • £ 6,500.00 £ 7,500.00

    A grand piano by Opus model 175, finished in black polyester, dating from 1992. At 175cm in length, this piano is a smaller instrument perfect for medium-sized rooms.  Ask us for details or book in for an appointment with us at 0161 519 1996 Currently out on rental

    £ 6,500.00 £ 7,500.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 18,950.00

    We are delighted to offer this unique beautiful piano for sale. This Kirkman was originally made in 1874 and is in an exquisite burl walnut case with fretted front panel and music desk. The quality of the veneers and the workmanship on the fretwork and carving is superb. We asked Schimmel to put a new Wilhelm Schimmel W123 inside and our own French...

    £ 18,950.00
  • £ 7,990.00

    Now sold. A pre-owned upright piano by Schimmel model 112 Empire made in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1991. This compact instrument has such beautiful casework. It is finished in mahogany polyester featuring the rarer Flame Mahogany and boxwood inlay on the top and bottom panels. This elegant design is complete with fluted legs and a grand opening lid.

    £ 7,990.00
  • This elegant example of a Bechstein model B in rosewood is raised on Sheraton style gate legs. This 7'8"/2m instrument dates from 1912 and had been owned by the same family from new until it came to us in part exchange for a Steinway upright.  The piano will be fully rebuilt and will become a vibrant piano with another 100 years of life!

Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items