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Grand Piano Sales at Forsyths Music Shop, Manchester

Visit or contact us for our best prices. Please note all the pianos listed are IN STOCK for you to try at our historic shop in the heart of Manchester

With more than 60 new grand pianos and many rebuilt, reconditioned and second hand instruments in stock, Forsyth has the best selection of qual...

Grand Piano Sales at Forsyths Music Shop, Manchester

Visit or contact us for our best prices. Please note all the pianos listed are IN STOCK for you to try at our historic shop in the heart of Manchester

With more than 60 new grand pianos and many rebuilt, reconditioned and second hand instruments in stock, Forsyth has the best selection of quality grand pianos to be found in any piano shop in the UK today. We have a team of full time, in house, piano technicians, tuners and voicing specialists who, uniquely, prepare our instruments to the highest standard. Choosing a new piano can be a daunting experience and most shops only have one or two brands for you to choose from. We take great care in selecting the piano makers we carry, ensuring that we offer the best possible instruments at each price point. We base everything on quality over and above brand name, placing the emphasis on musical capability. Our vast experience and knowledge means that we can give you impartial advice and help you to make the right choice for your needs. Assessing a piano need not be confusing and we can show you simple methods of making a discerned choice.

Visit Our Piano Showroom

The grand setting of the piano showroom in our historic Manchester city centre music shop (est. 1857) is the perfect place to try out a wide range of grand pianos by different makers. Our expert sales staff are here to guide you around the 60+ instruments we always have in stock, explaining the advantages and characteristics of each so that you can make an informed choice.

Pre-Sale Piano Preparation

Every piano we sell has been fully prepared by our in-house team of technicians to ensure the highest quality when it reaches you. When a piano has travelled half way across the world from the factory attention to detail in preparation is vital, and you can rest assured that every piano we sell has to pass our approval before being ready for sale, unlike other shops.


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  • £ 14,900.00 £ 15,900.00

    As featured on The Gadget Show. Bentley baby grand piano model GP148 with the latest QRS PNOmation III system. This automated version of the Bentley 148 piano made by Pearl River is our most affordable self-playing real acoustic piano and offers exceptional value for money.  This instrument is also normally in stock in black. 

    £ 14,900.00 £ 15,900.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 33,490.00 £ 35,250.00

    The new Schimmel Classic Series grand piano model C189T in Black Polyester. Almost identical to the the now discontinued K189T, but more affordable! Sharing the -design of its action with that of the larger recital-sized 213, as well as most of its scaling, the C189 is truly a most impressive instrument.

    £ 33,490.00 £ 35,250.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 17,299.00 £ 19,222.00

    Brand new model based on the old RX3C with upgraded action which gives the pianist increased control. In order to endow the instrument with a greater dynamic range for the new longer action assembly to exploit the piano has also been upgraded with a tapered soundboard. This is fabulous value for a 6ft, Japanesse made piano and offers a great alternative...

    £ 17,299.00 £ 19,222.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 44,000.00 £ 46,300.00

    Konzert series grand piano model K195T by Schimmel in a black polyester casing.  This piano is based on the highly regarded K189T model but has a number of refinements including the full length action from the K280T 9 foot 3 concert grand.  This gives the player exceptional levels of control, and makes playing at all dynamic levels extremely rewarding.

    £ 44,000.00 £ 46,300.00
    Reduced price!
  • The Schimmel Glass Grand is truly spectacular and is the original Glass grand.  Made from plexiglass, the same material used in bullet proof windows, the case is very strong and heavy.  Infact a 7ft Glas grand weighs the same as a full size 9 foot Concert grand.  The Glass grand is available in a number of options with and without internal lighting and...

  • £ 22,000.00 £ 26,990.00

    Grand piano by Schimmel model 182 Diamond Edition in Swiss Pear polyester.  This instrument is unique being the only Schimmel Swiss Pear grand in the UK.  This particular instrument dates from 2000 and was previously our Managing Directors own piano.  Naturally it has been exceptionally well maintained and shows no signs of fading. Currently in a show home.

    £ 22,000.00 £ 26,990.00
  • £ 21,965.00 £ 23,396.00

    One of our favourite special editions.  The stunning Yamaha C2X in black with chrome fittings.  The Silver frame, Chrome fittings and the modern interpretation of the classic grand piano shape compliment each other perfectly! Currently not in stock, available to order in standard or Silent versions. To check for the latest price, please call on 0161 834...

    £ 21,965.00 £ 23,396.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 18,499.00 £ 20,555.00

    GX series grand piano by Kawai, model GX2, finished in Black Polyester.  This brand new model is the replacement for the RX2, and is already proving popular with our customers.  The GX2 brings a much-improved, longer action over its predecessor enabling more precise control over the instrument's tonal palette.   It still has the depth and tonal...

    £ 18,499.00 £ 20,555.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 30,000.00 £ 31,600.00

    The new C169T grand piano by Schimmel is a more affordable version of popular K169T (which has now been replaced by a new K175T model).  It is the finest sounding grand piano of its size that we have come across and has a depth of tone and dynamic range you simply do not expect.

    £ 30,000.00 £ 31,600.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 39,900.00 £ 42,000.00

    The Konzert 175 Tradition is a brand new model and ours is the only example in the UK.  The 175 builds on the success of the out-going K169T model (now available as a Classic 169T) with several enhancements, most significantly the fact that this new piano has exactly the same action as Schimmel's 9 foot 3 K280T model, giving the pianist unprecedented...

    £ 39,900.00 £ 42,000.00
    Reduced price!
  • Porsche design created this modern, elegant casework for the worlds finest hand crafted piano maker Bösendorfer.  Available in various sizes to order.

  • Please note, this beautiful piano is a special order item only due to its limited production runs and exlusive nature.  Please contact us for further information about availability, pricing and with any questions you may have.

  • Art Case piano designed by International Artist Otmar Alt featuring hand made blown glass decorative elements.  This piano is available for individual commissions.

  • This piano is currently located in a show home, but is available for purchase. Fully re-built antique grand piano by Schiedmayer in rosewood polish. Including new wrest plank, new strings, new hammers and fully rebuilt action, recrowned soundboard and repolished case work. This piano has been expertly restored and then setup by our in-house technicians.

  • £ 110,000.00 £ 115,800.00

    Konzert Series grand piano by Schimmel model K280T in black polyester.  The K280T is Schimmel's ultimate grand piano statement, a competitor to the Steinway Model D with a rich, flexible sound capable of both huge power and affecting subtlety.

    £ 110,000.00 £ 115,800.00
    Reduced price!
Showing 31 - 45 of 51 items