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Grand Piano Sales at Forsyths Music Shop, Manchester

Visit or contact us for our best prices. Please note all the pianos listed are IN STOCK for you to try at our historic shop in the heart of Manchester

With more than 60 new grand pianos and many rebuilt, reconditioned and second hand instruments in stock, Forsyth has the best selection of qual...

Grand Piano Sales at Forsyths Music Shop, Manchester

Visit or contact us for our best prices. Please note all the pianos listed are IN STOCK for you to try at our historic shop in the heart of Manchester

With more than 60 new grand pianos and many rebuilt, reconditioned and second hand instruments in stock, Forsyth has the best selection of quality grand pianos to be found in any piano shop in the UK today. We have a team of full time, in house, piano technicians, tuners and voicing specialists who, uniquely, prepare our instruments to the highest standard. Choosing a new piano can be a daunting experience and most shops only have one or two brands for you to choose from. We take great care in selecting the piano makers we carry, ensuring that we offer the best possible instruments at each price point. We base everything on quality over and above brand name, placing the emphasis on musical capability. Our vast experience and knowledge means that we can give you impartial advice and help you to make the right choice for your needs. Assessing a piano need not be confusing and we can show you simple methods of making a discerned choice.

Visit Our Piano Showroom

The grand setting of the piano showroom in our historic Manchester city centre music shop (est. 1857) is the perfect place to try out a wide range of grand pianos by different makers. Our expert sales staff are here to guide you around the 60+ instruments we always have in stock, explaining the advantages and characteristics of each so that you can make an informed choice.

Pre-Sale Piano Preparation

Every piano we sell has been fully prepared by our in-house team of technicians to ensure the highest quality when it reaches you. When a piano has travelled half way across the world from the factory attention to detail in preparation is vital, and you can rest assured that every piano we sell has to pass our approval before being ready for sale, unlike other shops.


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  • £ 32,900.00 £ 34,900.00

    The Schimmel International Series grand piano model I212 in Black Polyester. This 7ft fully German made piano is excellent value for money.

    £ 32,900.00 £ 34,900.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 40,630.00

    Hand made excellence from probably the oldest piano factory in the world.  A large, high quality German sound from a physically modest instrument. Well worth comparison with the Schimmel C169 and K175 instruments as well as the Bechstein model L. This piano is beautifully finished in every detail using only traditional solid materials and needs so to be...

    £ 40,630.00
  • £ 21,990.00 £ 23,796.00

    Awaiting New Stock Grand piano by Yamaha model GC1 in black polyester with Yamaha's Transacoustic technology. The Transacoustic aspects opens up a whole additional dimension for use and playing by allowing the player to use the piano silently, with headphones, and 'out loud' with volume control. 

    £ 21,990.00 £ 23,796.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 24,000.00

    A pre-owned Schimmel 213T grand piano finished in black polyester dating from 1998. This instrument possesses a fine tonal palette owing to its size and build quality. It is a classic example of a 7ft Schimmel grand piano with fantastically sonorous bass and with a bell like treble.

    £ 24,000.00
  • £ 30,900.00

    Grand piano by C.Bechstein model A160 from their Academy range. This fully German built piano is compact in size at only 160cm in length, however it produces a rich European tone and benefits from a good quality percise action.

    £ 30,900.00
  • £ 19,990.00 £ 23,646.00

    In stock Yamaha's entry-level grand piano with a good, precise action and a bright, contemporary sound The Yamaha Disklavier self-playing piano system is the worlds most sophisticated play and record system available. As the Disklavier has highly accurate play/record functionality it is both a superb instrument to learn on as well as a comprehensive...

    £ 19,990.00 £ 23,646.00
    Reduced price!
  • Konzert Series grand piano by Schimmel model K189 Diamond Edition in exquisite bubinga casework.  This beautiful exotic wood veneers instrument is the only one of its kind in the UK.

  • £ 39,444.00

    The SK-3 excels with an extraordinary blend of superb tone and touch that has been admired by professional pianists across the globe. Please enquire for current pricing.

    £ 39,444.00
  • £ 24,990.00 £ 30,908.00

    In stock CX series grand piano by Yamaha model C3X finished in white polyester. This is the new a much improved successor to the long-running and highly regarded C3 conservatoire grand. To check for the latest price, please call on 0161 834 3281 Extension 604

    £ 24,990.00 £ 30,908.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 59,000.00 £ 73,109.00

    In stock This superior quality Yamaha CF4 truly is a rival for instruments by the likes of Steinway, Bösendorfer, Fazioli, Shigeru-Kawai, Schimmel Konzert and C Bechstein.   Hand crafted in a separate facility than general Yamaha grand piano production this instrument is made by the same people and in the same department as the Yamaha Concert grands.

    £ 59,000.00 £ 73,109.00
    Reduced price!
  • £ 25,990.00

    Grand piano by W. Hoffmann model T186 finished in black polyester. An instrument for demanding piano players who pursue a precise action and a powerful, well-balanced sound.

    £ 25,990.00
  • £ 9,990.00

    A self-playing grand piano by Opus model 157 complete with the updated QRS PNOmation3 system and finished in mahogany polyester. At 157cm in length, this piano is a more compact grand piano suitable for smaller rooms. Ask us for details or book in for an appointment with us at 0161 834 3281 (ext-604)!

    £ 9,990.00
  • £ 76,867.00

    UK exclusive come and try it here - The NEW 185VC grand piano is the exciting addition to the acclaimed Vienna Concert range of Boesendorfer instruments aimed at the professional and demanding amateur pianist.  Sir András Schiff was so impressed that he commissioned his own unique 280VC in Pyramid mahogany for his use in Concert Halls in Europe and now...

    £ 76,867.00
  • £ 33,666.00

    We are proud to stock one of Japan's finest pianos of this size - the Shigeru Kawai SK-2 180cm grand piano. This instrument is made and prepared by the elite of the Kawai piano technicians - the Master Piano Artisan Technicians. Each element of the piano takes 3 -5 times longer to make and assemble than the 'standard' Kawai instruments using the finest...

    £ 33,666.00
  • This piano is sold, however, is available for order. The full price of a brand new model C189T is £38,500. Please enquire now for our special price.

Showing 1 - 15 of 47 items