Wilhelm Schimmel W114M Modern Upright Piano in White Polyester and Chrome Fittings
  • Wilhelm Schimmel W114M Modern Upright Piano in White Polyester and Chrome Fittings
  • Wilhelm Schimmel W114M Modern Upright Piano in White Polyester and Chrome Fittings

Wilhelm Schimmel W114M Modern Upright Piano in White Polyester and Chrome Fittings

Catalogue No: UWIL-W114M-WHP

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Wilhelm Schimmel piano by Schimmel, model W114 Modern, in White Polyester with chrome fittings. 

This is a popular modern and compact version of the W114T and, in its external design, echoes Schimmel's hugely successful smaller pianos of the past. Similar to the Modern Swing casing, but with a much sleaker casing design.

-£550.00 £11,000.00

Other options? 

All Wilhelm Schimmel pianos are available in a variety of wood finishes  or with chrome fittings, enquire for details. 

These pianos are also available with Schimmels own TwinTone™ silent system, allowing for silent piano practise with headphones. We know that all pianos are complete individuals and the exciting part of their new TwinTone™ system is that it can now be retrofitted in our own workshop for an additional £500 on the usual TwinTone™ price! You can read the specifications on their new TwinTone silent system through the link above. 

Why Wilhelm Schimmel? 

Customers often ask us "Why do these pianos sound so much better than other budget pianos?".  Part of the explanation is these instruments are built using the same Schimmel designs and traditional techniques as their German-made counterparts. They share the same frames that are cast in German foundries, the same Bavarian spruce to make the soundboard and they all use Renner hammers. 

Another important factor that really sets these instruments aside from their mass-produced competitors, is the way in which the soundboard crowning is formed and the effect that it has on how it vibrates and amplifies the oscillations of the strings.

Although soundboards in pianos look flat, a truly flat soundboard is very poor at resonating, which is in fact what tends to go wrong in old worn-out instruments that have a "dull" tone.  For the soundboard to have vibrancy it has to be under just the right amount of stress and with too much stress it will stop vibrating.

All reputable makers of pianos condition their woods for years before the construction process starts so this is not what we are talking about.

1) Mass production crowning system

To keep costs down in mass production systems it is essential that the piano construction phase is as quick as possible.  This leads to the tension (or stress) to be put into the soundboard in the most obvious way.  Initially, a flat soundboard is created and then strengthening, curved ribs are cut.  The flat board is bent over the curved ribs and the two parts are glued together.  As soon as the glue is set the crowned soundboard assemblies can be used in the rest of the piano's construction process.

2) Traditional "German" method of construction

Every maker has their own "secret recipe", however, this is the principle that makers such as Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein and Schimmel all use. Broken down to its most basic elements, the process starts with a flat soundboard and straight ribs and the two are glued together.  This doesn't make any sense until it is explained that the ribs are initially at relatively high humidity and the soundboard at relatively low humidity.  As the humidity levels even out across the whole soundboard assembly the soundboard expands and the ribs contract.  This causes the soundboard rib assembly to go into an (intentional) warp.  Needless to say, very specific and precise humidity levels need to be used. 

In all, the whole process takes around 6 months, which is a significant increase in the matter of hours a mass-produced soundboard takes.  However, soundboards produced using the right "recipe" do have more vibrancy; are capable of greater dynamics and give a fuller tone.

There are significant cost implications in the traditional method (6 months worth of production tied up in temperature and humidity controlled vaults) however the makers that use these methods know it is worth it.  

Wilhelm-Schimmel instruments are the most affordable pianos with soundboards made in this way!  Why not come and try them to experience it for yourselves?


Height - 114 cm

Width - 148 cm

Depth - 55 cm

Weight - 206 kg

Forsyth is one of a very select handful of authorised Schimmel dealers in the UK and the only one in the North West of England.  All new Schimmel pianos supplied by us are carefully prepared to the highest standards and supplied with Schimmel's 5-year warranty and official 'Care and Maintenance' booklet.

Delivery charges may apply depending on degree of difficulty and location. However, ground floor delivery is typically included provided access is straightforward - enquire now for details.

Although we ordinarily stock these pianos we do like to sell them, so please do call ahead to check stock levels with one of our friendly piano department staff before making a special trip.

We usually have in stock over 40 new grand pianos, over 70 new upright pianos and an ever-changing supply of pre-owned acoustic pianos; we are definitely worth a visit!

What is TwinTone™?

The silent side of this piano is ideal for families with young children or night owls looking to practice late into the night.

The most common question regarding the silent piano is "is this a digital piano?".

Our range of silent pianos are all completely acoustic instruments; meaning that hammers are still striking strings to produce a sound and therefore have the benefit of playing a real acoustic piano, however, they also have a digital component that simply allows players the option to switch to a digital sound for "silent playing" via headphones.

Schimmels own TwinTone™ silent system, allows for silent piano practise with headphones. With the added flexibility of their innovative TwinTone™ silent system, it is the ideal instrument for busy and demanding musicians wanting to practice without disturbing others.

Schimmel has been working tirelessly to develop their very own Schimmel Silent System which features samples of their own pianos. Their brand new TwinTone™ system has now been released and is available on any of their upright pianos from the Fridolin range up to their top of the range Konzert pianos. The system has been specifically designed so that not only can it be installed in the factory, it is now also available to be retrofit to any Schimmel upright piano!!  We know that all pianos are complete individuals so for an additional £500 on the usual TwinTone™ price, you can have the model you have played and loved in store. 

The main features of the new TwinTone™ system are:

  • Integrated touchscreen
  • Piano sounds - High-quality samples of both of their Schimmel Konzert grand piano K230 and the ever-popular Konzert upright K122E.
  • Additional sounds 3 x electric piano, 1 x harpsichord, 3 x organ, 2 x strings (strings can be combined with piano sounds)
  • Integrated recording function and storage on microSD card
  • Polyphony max. 256 (mono)
  • 4 storage places for individual settings, storage security
  • Display brightness, energy-saving mode (eco-mode)
  • Optical sensors underneath the keys precisely catch every movement for a responsive sound
  • MIDI (out) - compatible with external MIDI-devices via DiN 5-interface
  • Effects - reverb, chorus, dynamics, equalizer, loudness of combined strings, damper characteristics
  • Adjustable volume limitation (e.g. for protecting children from high volume)
  • Quick and fine-tuning adjustable (cent and Hz)
  • Integrated Metronome - timing, tempo, bell, volume
  • Retrofitting capability


  • MIDI-OUT DiN-5 adapter
  • USP-Device MIDI-IN/OUT
  • SD-Card MicroSD-Slot
  • Headphone terminals (2) 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • AUX-IN 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • AUX-OUT 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • USB for service purposes only

Each Schimmel TwinTone™ silent upright piano is supplied with a pair of Audio Technica stereo headphones!

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