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A totally new instrument; the fun first step to brass playing. The easiest way to start your trombone journey! Ready to move on? Try the pBone mini or full size pBone.

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The pBuzz is a perfect introduction to low brass playing, especially popular in schools as it is easy to learn even if being taught by a non-brass player. Originally designed to make the first step on the brass playing journey as easy as possible, the pBuzz has only one of its series of notes (harmonics) available to use. The lowest harmonic (fundamental) has been chosen as this is the easiest way to make your first sound. The choice of this series of notes was complimented by the pBuzz mouthpiece, which is very large in comparison to the length of the instrument. What this means is that the player can only play one pitch on their pBuzz at any length of the instrument.

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Easy to play

The brightly coloured pBuzz has been designed especially for mini musician’s little hands. Its smooth edges and light weight make it easy for your child to make and hit the note every time; they can enjoy making music straight away.

Great value

The pBuzz is the perfect solution if you would like to give your child a taste of playing a brass instrument, before you make a more costly commitment. It comes with a custom-made plastic mouthpiece and an array of supporting online learning resources should you need them – ready to go!

Hassle free

Brass instruments are easily dented, damaged and high maintenance. Because our pBuzz is made from recyclable ABS plastic it is really robust, hard wearing and can withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive. It is very low maintenance - you can even clean the mouthpiece in the dishwasher.


Early exposure to a playful instrument like the pBuzz can help develop your child’s sensory and fine motor skills, encourage self-expression, stimulate imagination. By encouraging their creativity, pBuzz will help build confidence and nurture their natural music talents, all while having great fun!


Body: Plastic - red

Bell: Plastic - red

Bell Diameter: 127mm (5")

Slide: Plastic - red, easy to play

Weight: Very light

Mouthpiece: Plastic pBuzz

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