pBone pBugle Plastic Bugle Red



Easy to play and beginner friendly, designed with children in mind - a great gateway instrument to brass. Great value and robust - won't dent when you drop it!

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We always make a big deal of the P Bones as a good way to get a young player started on a brass instrument but the P Bugle goes further down that road than ever before, at a price that puts them into stocking filler territory (ok, you'll need a big stocking) and with a shallower learrning curve than the bigger Bone family. The P Bugle blows like a trumpet but does not have valves, so you're limited to the harmonic tones but you have less to think about - it's a nice easy way into playing a brass instrument and you'll learn techniques that will set you in good stead if you decide to move up to a valve of slide based brass instrument. And for less than 30 quid!


What they say

Easy to play

A brilliant crossover between toy and musical instrument pBugle has been designed especially for mini musicians. Light weight and robust enough for a child to learn about brass playing through playful exploration, pBugle is a real trumpet that can develop authentic beginner brass skills without the complication of learning to play valves.

Great value

pBugle is the most affordable way for you to give your child a taste of playing a trumpet, before making a more costly commitment. It comes with a 7C plastic mouthpiece and an array of supporting online learning resources should you need them – ready to go!

Hassle free

Brass instruments are easily dented, damaged and high maintenance. Because our pBugle is made from recyclable ABS plastic it is really robust, hard wearing and can withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive! Low maintenance and tough the pBugle is a worry free and dependable instrument.


Discover how the trumpet makes its sound with pBugle; the great thing is there are no wrong notes! Guided by our free learning materials the skills your child develops playing the pBugle can be transferred to trumpet or cornet when they are a little older and bigger, providing a great foundation for beginning a journey into the wonderful world of brass playing.

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