Handel, G F - Lotario (HWV 26) (It-G) (Urtext).



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Händel, Georg Friedrich    (1685-1759)

Lotario (Lothario) HWV 26
Opera in tre atti
Instrumentation: Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto (Choir voice) 1, Alto (Choir voice) 2, Tenor, Bass (choir voice), Piano

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* George Frideric Handel

Handel’s opera Lotario was first heard at the King’s Theater in the
on 2 December 1729 and had a run of nine performances. Though never
revived in the
composer’s lifetime, Handel reused many of its arias in his later
operas, sometimes altering
the words.

The historical background of the plot is the conflict between Otto I
(912–973) and Berengar of
Ivrea for the Italian crown and Otto’s marriage to the Italian queen
Adelaide in 951. In the
course of composition, the name of the hero (“Ottone” in Salvi’s
libretto) was altered to
“Lotario” since Handel had already written an opera entitled Ottone
on the life of Otto II
(955–983) in 1722.

The vocal score contains the version composed for the performances
of December 1729
and January 1730. It is based on the Urtext of the Halle Handel

- Clear and spacious appearance on the page

- Practical and well presented vocal score

- Original Italian with a German translation

Lotario Vocal Sc (It/Ger)

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