Haydn, F J - Armida. Opera (Hob.XXVIII:12) (It-G) (Urtext).



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Haydn, Franz Joseph    (1732-1809)

Armida   Hob. XXVIII:12
Dramma eroico
Urtext aus/from: Joseph Haydn Werke, G. Henle Verlag München
Instrumentation: Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Tenor 3, Bass (choir voice), Piano

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* Joseph Haydn

Haydn’s last stage work for the theater of Prince Nikolaus
Esterházy, was the opera seria
“Armida”. It was composed in 1783 and had its first public
performance on 26 February 1784.
It was originally thought that Jacopo Durandi was the librettist.
However, after detailed
comparison with numerous other “Armida” libretti, the likely
librettist was probably
Nunziato Porto (?). The opera was a great success and Haydn’s
contemporaries considered
“Armida” his best stagework. With the choice of “Armida” as a theme,
(from T. Tassos
“Gerusalemme liberata”) Haydn entered into a longstanding opera
For five years “Armida” was part of the repertoire of the Royal
Theatre and enthusiastically
received. It was also performed in Pressburg, Budapest and Vienna.
The vocal score is based
on the Urtext of the Haydn Complete Edition.

- Reliable vocal score based on the Urtext Complete Edition, Joseph
Haydn, series, XV/12

Armida Vocal Score (Ital/German)

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