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Foster, Clare - Where Do I Start? A Vocal and Instrumental Warmup




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Clare Foster designed this practice CD to give vocalists and instrumentalists a daily workout that covers all the bases and stands the test of time. The result is a rare achievement: a series of warm ups that is fun to play and inspiring enough to keep you happy for many years to come!

Clare is an experienced teacher so naturally the package is well thought through. The tone is encouraging and supportive, and instructions are clear and simple. This makes the CD really accessible for students and beginners. But the material is not over-simplified or watered down. These are the kind of exercises, drills and warm ups that any professional musician would want to spend time practising, exploring and experimenting with.

All the common scale, chord types and core rhythms that you need for playing any modern popular style is covered. Plus there is an exciting emphasis on interesting world and contemporary rhythms (including reggae and funk) that you won’t find on any other play along. There are also some wonderful blues etudes and great, funky rhythmic exercises near the end of the CD.

The sound quality is superb and the impressive cast of versatile UK musicians shows what you can do with a play along CD that strays outside bebop and standard changes. The variety of grooves and feels includes Latin, rock, reggae, bossa nova, shuffle, funk, swing, 6/8 and ballads. The variety and quality of feels really helps the CD stand up to repeated use. Vocalists are the primary audience for this CD but instrumental players will benefit enormously both from singing and playing along.

Clare Foster (voice)
Pete Billington (piano and bass)
Shanti Paul Jayasinha (keyboards, percussion)
Snowboy (congas and timbales)
Javier Fioramonti (guitar)
Andres Lafone (bass guitar)


  • How Long Can I Sing?
  • Four Bar Note Hold In The Cycle Major II V I
  • Eight Bar Note Hold in the Cycle Minor II V I
  • Slow Major Arpeggio Staccato
  • Fast Minor Arpeggio
  • Descending Major Scale
  • Major Scale to the 9th
  • Dorian Step by Step Increase to the 9th
  • Half Diminished Arpeggiated
  • Minor/Major 7th Climbing and Gaining
  • Diminished Broken Chords
  • Dominant 7th Inversions
  • Six Chord Types and Scale Patterns
  • Arpeggios Major to Dominant
  • Major Sharp 11 Extension in 5/4
  • Increasing Intervals Chromatically
  • Chromatic Scale Slow
  • Chromatic Scale Fast
  • Get the Shape and Sing It
  • Rhythm Awareness 4/4 Shuffle
  • Rhythm Awareness 4/4 Funk/Maracatú
  • Blues Licks
  • Clear Blue

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