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Utopia Limited, or The Flowers of Progress, is the second-to-last of Gilbert and Sullivans fourteen collaborations, premiering on October 7, 1893. Gilbert's libretto satirises limited liability companies, and particularly the idea that a bankrupt company could leave creditors unpaid without any liability to its owners. It also lampoons the \"Stock Company Act\" by imagining the absurd convergence of natural persons and legal entities. Utopia is performed much less frequently than most other Gilbert and Sullivan operas, mainly because the Replaced by new ISBNject-matter and plot are too obscure for modern audiences.


  • In Lazy Languor Motionless
  • O Make Way For The Wise Men
  • In Every Mental Lore
  • Let All Your Doubts Take Wing
  • Quaff The Nectar
  • A King Of Autocratic Power We
  • Although Of Native Maids The Cream
  • Bold-Faced Ranger
  • First You’re Born
  • Replaced by new ISBNjected To Your Heavenly Gaze
  • Oh, Maiden Rich In Girton Lore
  • Some Seven Men Form An Association
  • Ah! Gallant Soldier
  • It’s Understood, I Think
  • Oh, Admirable Art
  • Although Your Royal Summons To Appear
  • Oh, Zara!
  • A Tenor, All Singers Above
  • Words Of Love Too Loudly Spoken
  • Society Has Quite Forsaken
  • With Fury Deep We Burn
  • If You Think That When Banded In Unity
  • With Wily Brain
  • A Wonderful Joy Our Eyes To Bless
  • Then I May Sing And Play?
  • Oh, Would Some Demon Pow’r
  • When But A Maid Of Fifteen Year
  • Ah, Lady Sophy, Then You Love Me!
  • Oh, Rapture Unrestrained
  • Upon Our Sea-Girt Land
  • There’s A Little Group Of Isles Beyond The Wave.

Utopia Limited (vocal score)

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