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Bruns M. - Petrarch Songs (Songs for Medium Voice and Piano on Poems by Francesco Petrarca)



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Main scoring: vocal music
Scoring / Genre: voice and piano
Scoring detailed:
Medium Voice and Piano
Publication lang.: cz./eng./ger./it.

Compiled and edited by Martin Bruns

The seven hundredth anniversary of the birth of Petrarch (full Italian name Francesco Petrarca, 1304-1374) - poet, the first humanist, and Father of the Renaissance - offers an opportunity to discover a repertoire that has remained almost unknown. This anthology is intended equally for singers, students, and music lovers, and aims to stimulate exploration of a repertoire that has lain largely fallow. The selection presented here, documents the stylistic variety of compositions covering a good two hundred years. As regards pieces for solo voice and piano, the regular concert repertoire knows only very few musical settings of Petrarchs texts. However, only poems Petrarch wrote in colloquial Italian have been set to music. Therefore the large majority of his texts in musical works, and all those presented in this volume, come from his Canzoniere - his Book of Songs.

Content: author music / lyric / piece:
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario (1895-1968) / Petrarca Francesco: Non al suo amante piu Diana piacque
Pizzetti Ildebrando / Petrarca Francesco: La vita fugge e non sarresta unora
Pfitzner Hans / Petrarca Francesco: Auf die Morgenrote
Paladilhe Emile / Petrarca Francesco: Que benis soient le jour, et le mois, et lannee
Cornelius Peter / Petrarca Francesco: Vergine bella
Liszt Franz (1811-1886) / Petrarca Francesco: I vidi in terra angelici costumi
Liszt Franz (1811-1886) / Petrarca Francesco: Pace non trovo, e non ho da far guerra
Liszt Franz (1811-1886) / Petrarca Francesco: Benedetto sia l giorno, e l mese, e lanno
Curschmann Friedrich (1805-1841) / Petrarca Francesco: Or che l ciel e la terra e l vento tace
Schubert Franz (1797-1828) / Petrarca Francesco: Nunmehr, da Himmel, Erde schweigt und Winde
Schubert Franz (1797-1828) / Petrarca Francesco: Allein, nachdenklich, wie gelahmt vom Krampfe
Schubert Franz (1797-1828) / Petrarca Francesco: Apollo, lebet noch dein hold Verlangen
Hook James (1746-1827) / Petrarca Francesco: May Morning
Hauptmann Moritz (1792-1868) / Petrarca Francesco: Quel vago impallidir
Reichardt Johann Friedrich (1752-1814) / Petrarca Francesco: Piu volte gia del bel sembiante umano
Jacobi Wolfgang (1894-1972) / Petrarca Francesco: Nun siehst du, Amor, dass Madonna dein Reich verachtet
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario (1895-1968) / Petrarca Francesco: Nova angeletta sovra lale accorta
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario (1895-1968) / Petrarca Francesco: Zefiro torna, e l bel tempo rimena
Dussaut Robert (1896-1969) / Petrarca Francesco: Amor, che vedi
Manziarly Marcelle de (1899-1989) / Petrarca Francesco: Rapido fiume
Caby Robert (1905-1992) / Petrarca Francesco: Quand je suis tout entier
Rota Nino (1911-1979) / Petrarca Francesco: Di tempo in tempo mi si fa men dura
Kopelent Marek (1932) / Petrarca Francesco: Pohledte, mocni, kterak leti casy
Spring Rudi (1962) / Petrarca Francesco: Incontro
Banlaky Akos (1966) / Petrarca Francesco: Fresco, ombroso

Petrach Songs Medium Voice & Piano

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