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Album - Russian Operatic Arias for Bass 19th and 20th Century Repertoire



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This landmark series opens up exciting vistas of challenging and rewarding repertoire for the discerning and adventurous singer. As with the Peters companion volumes of French Operatic Arias, this Russian series presents many of the justly celebrated arias, but also juxtaposes them with other less familiar gems, which undoutedly deserve wider recognition. Much of the selected repertoire is eminently suitable for audition purposes, so that each volume is a treasure trove for professional singers and students.
Borodin–Prince Igor (Galitsky): It would be a sin to keep it quiet: Dargomyzhsky–Rusalka (The Miller): Oh, youre all the same, you young girs: Glinka–A Life for the Tsar (Susanin): They sense the truth: Glinka–Ruslan and Lyudmila (Farlaf): The hour of my triumph is at hand: Mussorgsky–Boris Godunov (Varlaam): Once upon a time in the town of Kazan: Mussorgsky–Boris Godunov (Boris): I have attained the highest power: Mussorgsky–Boris Godunov (Boris): Agh, I cant breathe: Prokofiev–War ad Peace (Kutuzov): W hen, ah when: Serov–Judith (Olofern): Let those women sing their songs: Rimsky-Korsakov–The Tsars Bride (Sobakin): She has fallen asleep: Rimsky-Korsakov–The Tale of the Tsar Sultan (Sultan): Ah, great Prince Gvidon: Tchaikovsky–Eugene Onegin (Gremin): A ll ages are subject to love: Tchaikovsky–Iolanta (King René): What will he say?

Russian Operatic Arias for Bass

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