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Schubert, Franz - Lieder, Vol. 1 (New Edition) ( Op.1-8, 12-14, 19-25) (Urtext).



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Schubert, Franz    (1797-1828)

Lieder, Band 1    
Medium Voice (contains Die schöne Müllerin op. 25 D 795)
Instrumentation: Middle voice, Piano

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* Schubert lieder

Schubert lieder for discerning musicians

The start of a new Bärenreiter Urtext Edition

The New Schubert Edition is the only scholarly-critical edition that
will, once completed,
include Franz Schuberts lieder in their entirety. In response to
the rising expectations of
performers and listeners alike, all the lieder will be published
over the next few years in
performing editions containing the text of Walther Dürr, the eminent
Schubert scholar and
former Managing Editor of the New Schubert Edition. The new series
will substitute the
edition jointly published by Bärenreiter and G. Henle since 1977.

- Includes the definitive musical text from the New Schubert Edition

- Newly engraved with a spacious appearance and larger format (23 x
30 cm)

- Ideal page turns

- Editorial decisions and conflicting readings from main sources are
now identified in
this performing edition

- Alternative versions are reproduced in the appendix

 Introduction by Walther Dürr focuses on peculiarities in the
genesis and performance
history of each lied and provides solid information on performance

- Adopts straightforward ordering principle from the New Schubert
first by opus number, then in chronological order

- Complete transposition into three vocal registers finally allows
every singer to work
with the latest findings of Schubert scholarship

The edition is scheduled to include eleven volumes. Each volume will
appear in three editions:
one for high voice, one for middle voice and one for low voice.

Contents of Volume 1

op.1 Erlkönig, D 328

op.2 Gretchen am Spinnrad, D 118

op.3 1. Schäfers Klagelied, D 121

2. Meeres Stille, D 216

3. Heidenröslein, D 257

4. Jägers Abendlied, D 368

op.4 1. Der Wanderer, D 489

2. Morgenlied, D 685

3. Wandrers Nachtlied, D 224

op.5 1. Rastlose Liebe, D 138

2. Nähe des Geliebten, D 162

3. Der Fischer, D 225

4. Erster Verlust, D 226

5. Der König in Thule, D 367

op.6 1. Memnon, D 541

2. Antigone und Oedip, D 542

3. Am Grabe Anselmos, D 504

op.7 1. Die abgeblühte Linde, D 514

2. Der Flug der Zeit, D 515

3. Der Tod und das Mädchen, D 531

op.8 1. Der Jüngling auf dem Hügel, D 702

2. Sehnsucht, D 516

3. Erlafsee, D 586

4. Am Strome, D 539

op.12 Gesänge des Harfners

aus „Wilhelm Meister“ D 478

op.13 1. Der Schäfer und der Reiter, D 517

2. Lob der Tränen, D 711

3. Der Alpenjäger, D 524

op.14 1. Suleika I, D 720

2. Geheimes, D 719

op.19 1. An Schwager Kronos, D 369

2. An Mignon, D 161

3. Ganymed, D 544

op.20 1. Sei mir gegrüßt, D 741

2. Frühlingsglaube, D 686

3. Hänflings Liebeswerbung, D 552

op.21 1. Auf der Donau, D 553

2. Der Schiffer, D 536

3. Wie Ulfru fischt, D 525

op.22 1. Der Zwerg, D 771

2. Wehmut, D 772

op.23 1. Die Liebe hat gelogen, D 751

2. Selige Welt, D 743

3. Schwanengesang, D 744

4. Schatzgrä

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