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Martinu B. - Songs on Two Pages



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Main scoring: vocal music
Scoring / Genre: voice and piano
Scoring detailed:
soprano / tenor, piano
Publication lang.: cz./eng.

Bohuslav Martinu wrote the two cycles of songs on Moravian folk poetry with piano accompaniment (H 5094 and H 5095) during the World War II. Through the song miniature, the whole intimacy of home is vivified and Martinu, thousands of kilometres away in American exile, turns to it time after time. Songs are technically accessible for all amateur singers and because of their beauty and charm, they have become part of the repertoire of concert singers.

Content: author music / lyric / piece:
Martinu Bohuslav: Moravian Girl
Martinu Bohuslav: The Neigbours Stable
Martinu Bohuslav: Hope
Martinu Bohuslav: The Night Watchman
Martinu Bohuslav: Secret Love
Martinu Bohuslav: The Wayside Cross
Martinu Bohuslav: Lads of Zvolyn

Songs On Two Pages Voice & Pno

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