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The New Imperial Edition - Baritone Songs



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Includes FOUR songs set on Grades 4, 5, 6 & 7 of the ABRSM Singing Exams.

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The New Imperial Edition - Baritone Songs


The New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs has been designed as a chronological anthology of song from the Lutenists down to the present day. As other albums will be devoted exclusively to operatic and oratorio arias these are generally omitted from the present volumes.
Manifestly, the selection must be indicative rather than comprehensive or merely exclusive and is essentially practical, not personal. Each song is briefly annotated and, except where indicated, appears in the original key or is set for the voice which it is normally associated.
Apart from obvious restrictions, the choice has been largely determined by certain positive needs. To provide the singing teacher and student alike with a working catalogue as a basis for more specialized research into the varied treasure of the literature of song: to give the festival committees and examination bodies a ready way of governing without unduly restricting the dangerous freedom of choice classes: to present the would-be accompanist with a convenient means of studying the many-sided aspects of the exacting technique: and, lastly, to offer to all singers, whether amateur or professional, a practical and logical conspectus of the diversities of lyrical song over a period of some three hundred years. If, in addition these books will do something to combat the present-day weakness for vocal exhibitionism or narrow eclecticism the labour of their preparation will be doubly justified.

Series: The New Imperial Edition
Instrumentation: Baritone And Piano
Arranger: Northcote, Sydney
Binding: Paperback/Soft Cover
Language: English
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes, New York
ISMN: M-051-90440-2
ISBN: 979-0-051-90440-2


  • Schumann: Belshazzar (Belsatzar)
  • Somervell: Birds in the high Hall-garden
  • Gurney: The Bonnie Earl of Murray
  • A. Scarlatti: Cease, oh maiden (O Cessate)
  • Dowland: Come again Sweet love
  • Tchaikovsky: Don Juans Serenade
  • Loewe: Edward
  • Schubert: The Erl King (Erlkönig)
  • Brahms: The Garland (Die Kränze)
  • Handel: How art thou falln
  • Sullivan: If doughty deeds my leady please (in Eb (bb-eb\") AB 5)
  • White: King Charles
  • Purcell: Let the dreadful engines
  • Brahms: The Message (Botschaft)
  • Quilter: O mistress mine (in Eb (bb-eb\") AB 7)
  • Arne/Wilson: The Plague of Love
  • Handel: Revenge! Timotheus cries
  • Brahms: Sunday Morning (Sonntag) (Brahms - Sonntag Op47/3 in F (c'-f\") AB 6)
  • Handel: Thrice happy the monarch
  • Schumann: Thy Lovely Face (Dein Angesicht)
  • Hatton: To Anthea
  • Beethoven: To the Faithless One (Als die Geliebte sich trennen wollte)
  • Warlock: Walking the Woods
  • Schubert: The Wanderer (Der Wanderer)
  • R. Strauss: A Welcome Vision (Freundliche Vision)
  • Rachmaninoff: When yesterday we met (Je la vis sarreter)
  • Schumann: Why blame thee now? (Ich grolle nicht)
  • Schubert: The Wraith (Der Doppelgänger)
  • Purcell: Ye twice ten hundred deities
  • Vaughan Williams: Youth and Love
  • Scarlatti - O cessate di piagarmi (from Il Pompeo) (in E minor (d#'-d\") AB 4)



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