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Purcell Society Volume - 22A Catches (Cloth Bound) - Purcell, Henry (Artist)



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A beautifully-presented, cloth-bound full score of Purcells Catches. This new edition lays particular emphasis on accuracy and performance, and includes a comprehensive commentary. Paperback edition available: NOV151103.


  • A Health To The Nut-brown-lass
  • An Ape, A Lion, A Fox And An Ass
  • As Roger Last Night
  • At The Close Of The Ev'ning
  • Bring The Bowl And Cool Nantz
  • Call For The Reck'ning
  • Come My Hearts
  • Come, Come Let Us Drink
  • Down, Down With Bacchus
  • Drink On Till Night Be Spent
  • Fie, Nay, Prithee John
  • Full Bags, A Brisk Bottle
  • God Save Our Sov'reign Charles
  • Great Apollo And Bacchus
  • He That Drinks Is Immortal
  • Here's A Health, A Health
  • Heter's That Will Challenge
  • I Gave Her Cakes
  • If All Be True That I Do Think
  • Is Charleroy's Siege Come Too
  • Jack, Thou'rt A Toper
  • Let The Grave Folks Go Preach
  • Let Us Drink To The Blades
  • Let's Live Good Honest Lives
  • My Lady's Coachman, John
  • My Wife Has A Tongue
  • Now England's Great Council's
  • Now, Now We Are Met
  • Of All The Instruments That Are
  • Once In Our Lives
  • Once Industrious Insect
  • Once, Twice, Thrice, I Julia Tried
  • Pale Faces, Stand By
  • Pox On You For A Fop
  • Prithee, Ben't So Sad And Serious
  • Room For The Th'express
  • Since The Duke Is Return'd
  • Since Time So Kind To Us Does Prove
  • Since Women So False
  • Sir Walter Enjoying His Damsel One Night
  • Soldier, Soldier, Take Off Thy Wine
  • Sum Up All The Delights
  • The Macedon Youth
  • The Miller's Daughter Riding To The Fair
  • The Surrender Of Lim'rick
  • 'tis Easy To Force
  • 'tis Too Late For A Coach
  • 'tis Women Makes Us Love
  • To All Lovers Of Music
  • To Thee, To Thee, And To A Maid
  • Tom, Making A Manteau
  • True Englishman Drink
  • Under A Green Elm
  • Under This Stone Lies Gabriel John
  • When V And I Together Meet
  • Who Comes There? Stand!
  • Wine In A Morning
  • Would You Know How We Meet
  • Young Colin Cleaving
  • Young John The Gard'ner

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