English Folk Tunes - 88 Traditional Pieces for Accordion



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English Folk Tunes - 88 Traditional Pieces for Accordion


A lively and wide-ranging collection of great tunes from all around England, suitable for playing on piano accordion, melodeon and other squeezeboxes! Included are many well-established favourites for dance bands and informal sessions, plus some lesser-known gems and recent compositions. Reels, jigs, hornpipes and slow airs drawn from the 17th Century to the present day, with chord suggestions, background information on the tunes and detailed guidance on how to get the best out of this vibrant music.

Series: Schott World Music
Instrumentation: Accordion
Arranger: Oliver, David
Binding: Saddle stitching
Language: English - French - German
Edition Type: edition with CD
Publisher: Schott Music
ISMN: M-2201-2541-6
ISBN: 979-0-2201-2541-6


  • STARTERS: Kafoozalum
  • The New Road to Alston
  • Small Coals and Little Money
  • SOME GREAT OLD TUNES: Sir Roger de Coverley
  • Me Laddie Sits Ower Late Up
  • Speed the Plow
  • Napoleons March
  • Spirit of the Dance
  • Oswestry Wake
  • Morgan Rattler
  • Swarb&rsquo:s Tune (I-tiddly-i-ti)
  • The English Bonny Kate
  • The Sloe
  • Sweet Hesleyside
  • The Hen&rsquo:s March to the Midden
  • The Princess Royal
  • Because He Was a Bonny Lad
  • Hesleyside Reel
  • PLAYFORD TUNES: Jacks Maggot
  • Newcastle
  • Kemp&rsquo:s Jig
  • Childgrove
  • Portsmouth
  • Mr Isaacs Maggot
  • MORRIS TUNES: Constant Billy
  • The Black Joak
  • The Old Kent Cricketer
  • Mrs Casey
  • Bonnets so Blue
  • Shepherds Hay
  • Chow Bang
  • Shooting Star Polka
  • Bacup Garland Dance Tune No. 3
  • The Rochdale Coconut Dance
  • HORNPIPES: (a) &lsquo:Dotted Hornpipes&rsquo:: The Navvie on the Line
  • The Steamboat
  • Redesdales Hornpipe
  • Proudlock&rsquo:s Hornpipe
  • Miss Thompsons Favourite
  • The Wonder
  • Harvest Home
  • Trumpet Hornpipe
  • (b) &lsquo:Straight&rsquo: Hornpipes: Enrico
  • Henry Stables&rsquo:s Grand Hornpipe
  • St Georges Polka
  • (c) 3/2 Hornpipes: Reed House Rant
  • Rusty Gulley
  • Lads of Alnwick
  • Shropshire Rounds
  • The Three-Legged Chestnut
  • MORE TUNES IN SETS: The Ploughboy
  • Dorset 4-Hand Reel (1st tune)
  • Dorset 4-Hand Reel (2nd tune)
  • La Russe
  • Davy Nick Nack
  • Soldiers Joy
  • Three Around Three
  • Come Let Us Dance and Sing
  • Galopede
  • Janes Fancy
  • Roxburgh Castle
  • Whinshields
  • Ive Lost My Love, I Care Not
  • Smash the Windows
  • The Oyster Girl
  • The Moon and Seven Stars
  • Haste to the Wedding
  • The Blackberry Quadrille
  • Hot Punch
  • John of Paris
  • Carenta
  • Yule Sea
  • Margarets Waltz
  • Sharon Davis, USA
  • Puddleglums Misery
  • Cocking the Chafer
  • Jump at the Sun
  • Pam and Julias
  • The New March
  • The History Man
  • To The Edges
  • Flatworld
  • Horizonto
  • The Great North Run
  • The Curlew
  • Calliope House
  • The Road to the North

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