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Grainger, Percy Aldridge - Colonial Song



Soprano, Tenor And Piano Or Piano Alone - Score

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Colonial Song - version for two voices and piano or piano alone


No traditional tunes of any kind are made use of in this piece, in which I have wished to express my personal feelings about my own country (Australia) and people, and also to voice a certain kind of emotion that seems to me not untypical of native-born Colonials in general.Perhaps it is not unnatural that people living more or less lonelily in vast virgin countries and struggling against natural and climatic hardships (rather than against the more actively and dramaticly exciting counter wills of their fellow men, as in more thickly populated lands) should run largely to that patiently yearning, inactive sentimental wistfulness that we find so touchingly expressed in much American art: for instance in Mark Twains Huckleberry Finn, and Stephen C. Fosters adorable songs, \"My Old Kentucky Home\", \"Old Folks at Home\", etc. I have also noticed curious, almost Italian-like, musical tendencies in brass band performances and ways of singing in Australia (such as a preference for richness and intensity of tone and soulful breadth of phrasing over more subtly and sensitively varied delicacies of expression) which are also reflected here.Percy Aldridge Grainger

Instrumentation: Soprano, Tenor And Piano Or Piano Alone
Binding: Saddle stitching
Language: Vocalise
Edition Type: score
Edition Information: This edition can be used as additional vocal scores for the other versions of Colonial Song
Publisher: Schott Music
Composition: 1905/11
Duration: 6
ISMN: M-2201-2274-3
ISBN: 979-0-2201-2274-3


  • Vocal instructions for Soprano and Tenor: \"Breathe when you like, and sing on any combinations of any vowels and consonants (such as (Italian vowels) la, ra, ta, ta-da, pa-da-ba, tr-ri-di, etc.) that you find comfortable and effective.

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