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This collection of morris music, although far from comprehensive, contains most of the dance tunes currently in vogue in what might be called the popular Cotswold traditions. All of the tunes can be found elsewhere, but unlike previous publications, they are all presented in keys which most of todays morris musicians are most likely to favor. The tunes are clearly written in large-note music in a simple but accurate form. The arrangements are suitable for any melody instrument, especially tinwhistle, recorder, accordion, and fiddle. Chord symbols are shown for guitar, melodeon, and piano accordion. Although it is not possible to convey every nuance of morris music in a book, every effort has been made to indicate the major changes of rhythm and tempo. When used in conjunction with the soundtrack, musicians who are unfamiliar with the peculiarities of Cotswold Morris music should soon be able to grasp what is required. Volume One contains a valuable five page introduction, which is particularly useful for melodeon and piano accordion players. Mallys and UK product #AM201.

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