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Louisiana Creole Fiddle Method - The Music and Technique for Fiddlers and Guitarists



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This book is a method book with a collection of 14 songs by the masters of Louisiana Creole fiddle music, and an instructional DVD with supplemental performances. The songs were chosen because they are either the first ones people tend to learn, were written by a master and have many possibilities for variations, or cover related styles. The method covers the technique step-by-step along with tricks necessary to perform the music. This volume is a rich sampling of core material from Louisiana roots music. Canray Fontenot is the best known Creole fiddler, and much of this book is infused with his legacy, including five of his compositions and a video clip. Mr. Garnier has included two of his own tunes, and the rest are by pioneer Louisiana fiddlers of the past—Amedé Ardoin, Bébé Carriere, and Dennis McGee, along with zydeco favorite Boozoo Chavis. The method part of the book explains Creole fiddle technique, including bowing, cross bowing, fingering, double stops, and scratching, helping the reader learn to play in a Louisiana style. Along with learning to play solo, information is included on working with accordion players, a second fiddle, guitarists, starting a tune in a group and other tips about working with bands, and amplification. The accompanying DVD shows how the songs are played on fiddle and guitar, and gives you options to turn off either instrument once youre ready to play your part. Additional resources are available when playing the disc on a computer.

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