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This book/CD isnt only for those who want to learn flamenco singing: its also for guitarists who want to accompany singing and who therefore must know flamenco songs. And since it consists of rhythmic exercises, its also of great interest to percussionists. And of course for all those who want to understand singing and flamenco rhythms. Through 58 rhythmic exercises based on hands beating the legs, palms and foot, and in some cases supported by vocals sounds, students (with the practice) will familiarize with the Flamenco rhythm. Regarding the singing, there are exercises that will allow warming and to know the voice of the student, and preparatory exercises for different flamenco styles as well. Also included 6 themes interpreted with singing and without singing, and then students can put the voice. The CD includes much of the exercises explained in the book as well as themes interpreted both singing, as without singing. Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese Alemán y Japonés. UK product number 8353412240.

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