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First Pieces For Classical Guitar features 45 easy solo pieces, in standard notation, by Carcassi, Giuliani, Sor and 12 other great Classical Guitar composers. This collection is ideal for improving sight-reading and building finger dexterity. This songbook includes Allegretto in C (Sor), Andante Grazio in C (Carcassi), Andantino in A Minor (Mertz), Austrian Waltz in C (Ernst), Eccosaise in A Minor (Giuliani), Study in A Minor (Aguado), Waltz in E (Pelzer) and many more.

Track Listing

  • 2 x Andante in C [Sor, Fernando]
  • 2 x Contradance in C [Carulli, Ferdinando]
  • 2 x Study in A Minor [Aguado, Dionisio]
  • 2 x Study in C [Sagreras, Julio]
  • Alegretto in C [Sor, Fernando]
  • Allegretto in A [Feder, Otto]
  • Allegro in A Minor [Aguado, Dionisio]
  • Allegro In A Minor [Giuliani, Mauro]
  • Andante Grazio in C [Carcassi, Matteo]
  • Andante in A Minor [Carcassi, Matteo]
  • Andante in A Minor [Feder, Otto]
  • Andante in A Minor [Sor, Fernando]
  • Andante in C [Carcassi, Matteo]
  • Andante in C [Giuliani, Mauro]
  • Andante In E Minor [Sor, Fernando]
  • Andante in G [Mertz, Johann Kaspar]
  • Andantino in A Minor [Carulli, Ferdinando]
  • Andantino in A Minor [Mertz, Johann Kaspar]
  • Andantino in C [Carcassi, Matteo]
  • Andantino In C [Sor, Fernando]
  • Andantino in G [Carulli, Ferdinando]
  • Austrian Waltz in C [Ernst, Philip]
  • Bohemian Waltz in C [Ernst, Philip]
  • Bour

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