Haydn Concerto for Violin, Strings and Basso Continuo

DOW 04508-400


Concerto for Violin, Strings and Basso Continuo

Hob. VIIa : 4

G major / Sol majeur / G - Dur

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A piece that belongs in the standard repertoire of every violinist, this edition of Haynd's violin concerto in G major allows you to work through the piece systematically and at different tempi with accompaniment.The CD begins with the concert version of each movement. First, you will hear the piano accompaniment at slow and medium tempo for practice purposes. At slow tempo you can also hear the violin played softly in the background as a guide. Having mastered these levels, you can now play the piece with orchestra at the original tempo. Only in the concert version are the cadenzas played complete. The practice tempos give you time to play a very short cadenza in each movement concerned; the entrance following the cadenza can be found with the aid of a metronome click. The fingering and bowing marks in our volume were provided by Herbert Scherz, a renowned violin teacher who for many years was professor of violin and violin methodology at the conservatories in Lucerne and Zurich. In 1985 he founded the ?Lucerne Ministrings,? an ensemble of children and teenagers up to the age of 16 that has given many concerts in Switzerland and abroad. The easy first-movement cadenza in this edition (it is not included on the recording) was provided by Brigitte Lang, a former pupil of Herbert Scherz who is now deputy concertmaster of the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra. She wrote it at the age of nine and encourages other learners likewise to invent cadenzas of their own. It is our goal to give you the essential conditions for effective practicing through motivation, enjoyment and fun.Each CD includes:1. A full-performance version at concert tempo2. A slow-tempo version for practice3. An intermediate-tempo version for practice4. An accompaniment version at concert tempo, most often with full orchestra or basso continuo (depending on instrumentation)5. A beautifully engraved printed solo part.Performed by Various soloists Track List I. Allegro moderato I. Allegro ModeratoII. Adagio Ii. AdagioIII. Allegro Iii. Allegro

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