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Hey Presto! Theory for Violists Book Two



By Georgia Vale.

Book 2 in the series for violists. Builds on and reinforces everything learnt in Book 1, as well as gently introducing new topics, including key signatures, new notes and new time values. Clear and concise explanations, plenty of repetition, and bags of fun!

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  • Accidentals
  • Crossword
  • Dynamics
  • Even more accidentals
  • Finishing touches!
  • Hidden treasure
  • How many?
  • Key signatures
  • key signatures with flats
  • Key signatures with sharps
  • Kite competition
  • Leger lines
  • More accidentals
  • More notes by step
  • More notes on the A string
  • More notes on the C string
  • More notes on the D string
  • More notes on the G string
  • More quavers
  • More stems
  • More time signatures
  • Musical cars!
  • Mystery of the missing beats
  • Notes by step
  • Notes on the A string
  • Notes on the C string
  • Notes on the D string
  • Notes on the G string
  • Performance directions
  • Poco's matching pairs
  • Presto's matching pairs
  • Quavers and quaver rests
  • Quiz 1 - test yourself!
  • Quiz 2 - true or false?
  • Secret vegetable!
  • Space and line notes
  • Stems
  • The missing bar lines
  • Time signatures
  • Time values

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