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Like its companion, AIRS FOR PAIRS, this book contains twenty-one tunes from Britain and Ireland. The first book contains some of the most popular traditional tunes which, the editor feels, should have a place in the repertoire of all musicians who reside in these islands, whatever their chosen specialization. This second book contains more of this core repertoire, but also has some interesting older tunes as well as some more recent music composed in traditional idioms. The balance here is weighted a little more in favour of the slower tunes – for no particular reason. As in the first book the harmonies have been written not to be easy or difficult, but to be musical. I would like to thank Stewart Hardy for playing them all through with me and making many valuable suggestions which I have been pleased to include. Suggested bowings are included in the arrangements. These will work perfectly well, but there are of course other possibilities and personal familiarity with one or another of the native idioms is always a better guide than written instructions. The music is playable on instruments other than violin, and some of the tunes derive specifically from piping and harping, as well as fiddling traditions.

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