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Ukulele Crazy



By Mike Evans.

Ukulele Crazy! is a timely celebration of a unique instrument. With a distinct, upbeat and melodic sound, and a rich history dating back as far as the 1880s, it's no wonder the Ukulele is currently enjoying a remarkable 21st century revival.

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xplored within this book is a fascinating journey through the instrument's history, including its key makers and celebrated players, accompanied by basic practical elements such as the types of Ukulele you can buy (and how to tune them), as well as all the important information you'll want to know about the modern international Ukulele community.


So, don’t delay, pick up a ukulele today and play!

    • A journey through Ukulele history


    • Beginner chords and songs to learn


    • Tips on how to tune, strum and play


  • World famous players and festivals

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