Lucas, Robin A. - Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern, Mandolin, Mandolas, & Bouzouki etc



Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern & Mandolin, Mandolas & Bouzouki &c., VOLUME the FIRST
SHORT TITLE: Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern & Mandolin &c., Vol. 1.

AUTHOR: Robin Alexander Lucas
PUBLISHER: Cittern Press
DATE PUBLISHED: 31 August 2021
FORMAT: A4 paperback, 252 pages
ISBN: 978-1-8384385-0-0

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MUSICK’S DELIGHT ON THE MODERN CITTERN is intended for the beginner seeking a collection of simple yet attractive tunes that are enjoyable to play; the more intermediate player desirous of widening their repertoire; and any player in want of a collection of tunes upon which they can build further.

All tunes are presented in both notation and tablature, together with chords for an accompaniment, in GDGDG for cittern and GDAE for mandolin and octave mandola. Bouzouki and tenor mandola players can also play these tunes via the tablature. A list of eighteen tuning variants detailing the options for each instrument is provided, together with two hundred and fifty chords each for GDGDG and GDAE.

From the age of knights, castles and courtly love; from the palaces and gardens of Renaissance Europe; and from the assemblies, playhouses and noisy streets of seventeenth and eighteenth-century London: Musick’s Delight on the Modern Cittern presents a repertoire spanning 600 years – as delightfully playable and addictive now as it was then.

All tunes are presented to you in chronological order, with separate biographies for each person whose work is included or mentioned. Included are tunes from a twelfth-century troubadour to eighteenth-century English country dances, featuring work by Playford, D’Urfey, Purcell and O’Carolan among others. The music in this book can be played via the tablature or staff notation whether you have a modern cittern, mandolin, tenor mandola, octave mandola or bouzouki.

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