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Bach J.S. - Suite in E minor BWV 996



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Main scoring: guitar
Scoring / Genre: acoustic guitar solo

arr. by Stanislav Jurica

Suite in E minor BWV 996 by Johann Sebastian Bach definitely belongs to compositions which every guitarist, while getting acquainted with baroque music for guitar, will sooner or later include in its repertory, either in parts or in its entirety. The suite was most likely composed in 1715 and it was designed for a keyboard instrument, the lute-harpsichord (Lautenklavizimbel), which is revealed, among others, by the original notation in two staves and the overall keyboard structure. It is this keyboard structure that makes the authentic transcription for guitar in places unachievable: the merit of this publication is it being a detailed performance edition (fingerings and ornamentation are fully provided), while the editor, Stanislav Jurica, stuck to the original version and adapted it to the fingerings attainable on the guitar with standard numbering of strings and tuning. Due to this approach, the suite is available also to guitar amateurs interested in playing music by Bach.

Suite E min BWV996 Guitar