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Acoustic Guitar Triple Deck



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Boxed set containing three Guitar decks:

The unique design of the decks allows you to experience a hands-on approach to learning Guitar, and to display any sequence of chords and scales.

View the front of each card to see the finger patterns illustrated on a realistic, actual-size fingerboard.

Turn the card over to find everything you need to know about the chord, scale or riff.

No music reading necessary!

Easy-to-read TAB and frames!

Numbered dots show you where to put your fingers!

Deck 1. Guitar Chords

  • All the basic chords for the most popular keys
  • Moveable chords
  • How to use a capo

Deck 2. Guitar Scales.

  • All the basic scales for the most popular keys
  • Moveable scales
  • How to practice scales

    Deck 3. Guitar Method.

    • Learn different strumming patterns
    • How to read tablature
    • Packed full of songs to learn
    • Full-color photographs

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