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The Blues Guitar Scale Deck



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Everything you need to know about Blues scales in one convenient deck!

The Blues Guitar Scale Deck features over 40 scales with arpeggios and covers only the scales you really need to know. Learn about the modes of the major, harmonic, and melodic minor scales, symmetrical scales (diminished and whole tone), and much more. The basics, from strumming chords to reading TAB, are all illustrated with the help of the life-size guitar neck cutouts that fan out and show you where to place your fingers.

The Blues Guitar Scale Deck includes:All scales are movable (no open strings) to play in any key, with roots and arpeggios clearly marked Easy-to-read scale frames with extended and alternate fingerings for each scale Detailed analysis of each scale (scale degrees) Chord choices are covered for each scale (where and when to use) Sections on Scale Construction, Theory, and applying scales to chord functions and progressions

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