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Hey Presto! Theory for Cellists Book Three



By Georgia Vale.

Book 3 in the series for cellists, building on everything learnt in Books 1-2, as well as introducing new topics, including tones and semitones, and new time values. Clear and concise explanations, plenty of repetition, and bags of fun!

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  • Accidentals
  • Another missing key signature!
  • Bravo's secret code
  • Dotted notes
  • Drawing accidentals
  • Even more tones and semitones!
  • How many beats?
  • Jumbled rhythms
  • Key signatures
  • Missing bar lines
  • Missing sharp notes...
  • Missing time signatures
  • More key signatures
  • More notes on the A string!
  • More notes on the C string!
  • More notes on the D string!
  • More notes on the G string!
  • More tied notes
  • More tones and semitones!
  • Mystery of the missing beats
  • Mystery of the missing key signatures!
  • Notes by step
  • Notes on the A string
  • Notes on the C string
  • Notes on the D string
  • Notes on the G string
  • Performance directions
  • Presto's matching pairs
  • Quiz 1 - test yourself!
  • Quiz 2 - true or false?
  • Secret animal
  • Semiquavers and semiquaver rests
  • Space and line notes
  • Spot the mistakes!
  • Tied notes and slurs
  • Time signatures
  • Tones and semitones
  • Word search
  • Yet more key signatures!
  • Yet more tones and semitones

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