Picinetti F.M. - Sonata in C.



Violoncello & piano. 2nd and 4th movements are set on the 2010-2015 ABRSM Grade 5 syllabus.

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BA 6963

Picinetti, Felice Maria    (ca.1700)

Sonate für Violoncello und Basso continuo C major  
Series: Violoncello
Instrumentation: Violoncello, Piano

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* Picinetti, Felice Maria

Felice Maria Picinetti is one of those composers who did not make a
lasting mark on the
history of music. He is believed to have been active as a cellist in
Dresden around 1733.
His cello sonata hints at a lively temperament and a solid training
in the Baroque sonata
da chiesa style. It affords cellists a welcome opportunity of
performing Baroque music as
a soloist instead of as a continuo player.

Sonata C Major Cello and Piano (Bc)

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