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Cohen, Mary - Bags of Style for cello



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Bags of Style takes you on a fantastic musical journey through ten centuries of time, from the 12th to the 21st century. This is great material for concerts, or to liven up history or drama lessons.Each piece is complete in itself, so does not need an accompaniment, but for fun you could ask a friend to improvise a simple rhythm on drum or percussion to fit with your part. Written and arranged by the UK’s leading string pedagogue Mary Cohen, creator of a wide range of imaginative teaching publications including ‘Superstart’


  • The corn is ripe (12th century)
  • Troubadour’s tale (12th century)
  • Estampie (13th century)
  • Winter revels (13th century)
  • Pilgrim’s chant (14th century)
  • Tumblers (14th century)
  • Battle song (15th century)
  • Spring is on the way (15th century)
  • Ronde (16th century)
  • Galliard (16th century)
  • Pavan (16th century)
  • Boree (17th century)
  • Siciliano (17th century)
  • Aire (17th century)
  • Gavotte (18th century)
  • Minuet (18th century)
  • Sarabande (18th century)
  • Allegro (18th century)
  • Polonaise (19th century)
  • Remembering (19th century)
  • Waltz (19th century)
  • Headin’ homewards (20th century)
  • Drifting snow (20th century)
  • Ghostly tango (20th century)
  • Heads or tails? (21st century)

Bags of Style for cello

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