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Duo-Schatzkiste (Treasure Chest of Duos)



Original Works from the Baroque to the Modern Era for Two Violoncellos.

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Anybody who opens this 'treasure chest for duos' will enjoy valuable gems of the literature for two cellos. This volume contains original compositions from the Baroque, classical, Romantic and modern eras. The present volume is aimed at cellists who possess profound basic knowledge. As material to be used in lessons, the pieces train the player's sense of style and the interpretation of music from the different epochs. In addition, they deal with all aspects of duet playing, such as confidence in leading one's own part, performance for a balanced sound, intonation and improvement of the player's physical condition. These original pieces are also perfect for concerts, auditions, and competitions.
This volume is particularly useful in music lessons as the duets are arranged according to positions and can be used as additional material for playing in the 1st to 4th positions.


  - F. Couperin: Matelotte
  - J.-B. Bréval: 3 leichte Duette
  - J. Haydn: Andante
  - J. Reinagle: Duette, op. 2/1
  - Moderato
  - Allegretto
  - B. Bartók: Sommer-Sonnwendlied
  - Spottlied
  - Polster-Tanz aus 18 Duos
  - H. Regner: Übermütig
  - G. Koeppen: Sandkastenrocker
  - L. Amanti: Try to keep this one
  - Anonymus: Polonaise
  - L. Mozart: Trompetenstück
  - G. Koeppen: Rodeo
  - M. Franck: Galliarda
  - P. Peuerl: Padovan
  - F. Cupis: Duo
  - G.B. Somis: Sonata
  - J. Reinagle: Duetto IX, op. 2/9
  - J. Offenbach: Allegretto aus Duo, op. 48/1
  - G. Koeppen: Langfinger-Rag
  - Anonymus: Gavotte
  - Gigue
  - G. Koeppen: Gemütlicher Ausritt
  - Dreikäsehoch
  - Anonaymus: Allegretto
  - V. Rathgeber: Aria
  - G. Koeppen: Let's Boogie
  - J. Reinagle: Grazioso aus 12 Violoncelli-Duette, op. 2/10
  - J. Reinagle: Duetto III, op. 2/3
  - J. Reinagle: Allegro moderato
  - J.-B. Bréval: Mosso aus Leichte Stücke
  - J. Offenbach: Due, op. 49/2
  - A. Nölck: Etüde C-Dur
  - G. Koeppen: Walzer für Anuschka
  - G. Koeppen: Die Schule ist aus
  - Traditional Folk: Sailor's Hornpipe
  - B. Stiastny: Kanon
  - S. Lanzetti: Allegro
  - G. Koeppen: Badetag
  - G. Koeppen: Opas Opus
  - G. Koeppen: Irish Tune
  - G. KOeppen: Hopser
  - J. Reinagle: Menuetto
  - D. Gabrielli: Canon à due violoncelli
  - J. Hook: Rondo aus Six Easy Duets, op. 58/8
  - A. Nölck: Etüde g-Moll
  - G. Koeppen: Omas Grammophon
  - W.A. Mozart: Komm, liever Mai
  - B. Bartók: Ungarisches Lied
  - B. Romberg: Etüde G-Dur
  - F.A. Kummer: Etüde C-Dur
  - G. Koeppen: Picknick an der Wolga
  - C. Schetky: Duetto G-Dur, op. 7/2
  - J. Hook: Duetto, op. 58/4

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