Amanti, Lucio A - Jazz Duets for Cellos



25 Easy Pieces in First Position for Violoncello Duet.

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Why a book with jazz duets for cello beginners? This book of duets by the Italian jazz cellist and teacher Lucio Amanti wants to give cellists a first introduction into the jazz styles. All 25 pieces are written for the first cello in the first position, with the pieces becoming gradually more demanding with regard to fingering, bowing and harmony.
Many of the pieces contain harmonic symbols in order to give the pupil (and the teacher) the chance to try their first improvisations. They can first play the piece as notated in the book and then repeat the section notated with chords as if it were a jazz standard. A new and fresh impetus for cello lessons.


  - Warming up
  - Valse for two
  - Feeling blue
  - Show me what you got
  - Ashia
  - School day
  - Milonga de La
  - Ada
  - Rainer's delight
  - Try to keep this one
  - Fandango
  - Doubles doubles
  - Swing
  - German trains
  - Ika
  - Just like little bells
  - Robin
  - A mildly positive afternoon
  - Clave's Schlussel
  - Dona Lei
  - A little harder now
  - In a shifting mood
  - My first bop
  - Borrow seven
  - Miles and miles away

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