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Vivaldi, Antonio - Double Cello Concerto



Reduction for Two Violoncellos & Piano.

G minor.

RV531, PV411, F III/2.


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The genre of the violoncello concerto was born in 17th-century Italy. Thanks to the Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741), there exists today not only a wealth of magnificent violin concertos but also quite a number of cello concertos to whose development he contributed considerably. More than two dozen of his concertos are dedicated to the violoncello, including the probably most famous double concerto: the Concerto for two violoncellos, string orchestra and basso continuo in G minor (RV 531) written after 1770. The sonorous work with its playful outer movements and expressive largo is published in this critical new edition on the basis of the sources.

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